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Next time I have a party, I'm thinking of making a large red heart for my front door. As in, "look for the white house with the white door with a big red heart." Sure would make it easy to find the right place!

Heart Sparklers

Light up the night with love! Illuminating the path to your new life, these heart-shaped sparklers seem to dance with excitement. Set of 6 Heart-Shaped Sparklers Please allow shipping for three weeks.


Want to light up your reception room? How about this glamorous “love” sign created by All Signs Point to Love found in 100 Layer Cake’s marketplace. Yes, it has been used at another wedding, but it’s still in mint condition.…Read more ›


fall head over heels, portfolio print spring series, kate spade, illustrator jenny bowers

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A steel art installation on the open "playa" at Burning Man.

Desert Tribes

Photos of Burning Man Festival 2011 - Burning Man Festival Photos - Town & Country Magazine