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See the Northern Lights. I've been far enough north, but never caught sight. #bucketlist. From Heather Wold.

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You should never be ashamed of your body! No matter what shape it's in, it carries you through your day and defines your mortal experience. To borrow from Regina Spektor, "[you've] got a perfect body, 'cause [your] eyelashes catch [your] sweat."

Check! I did it this summer when I went to my cousins high school graduation. It's actually really cool and it doesn't smell badly.

I wish more people would remember this. It's so sad to see marriages crumble after having an elaborate, expensive wedding. It doesn't take much to be more beautiful than our quickie courthouse wedding. I wouldn't have had it any other way. ✔✔✔Complete!!

Marriage -- I think he found the wife of the year. - Funny note left by wife next to a toy gun says: Welcome home from work! This gun with ammo is yours. I have one too and you are under attack as of now! (your should be you are or you're... but funny)