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To all my horrible stupid lazy coworkers. You are a worthless waste of good air.

This made me laugh!

Not on pills but this is just too funny. Love when my little sister Ashley sends me this stuff!! :)

Funny rotten ecard

OMG not a good look


Greatest. Line. Ever.

How Not To Talk To Women! - NoWayGirl


21 'Murica Memes To Keep Your Patriotism Flowing

Okay, so it's not harry potter vs twilight, but {Peter pan is a billion times better then twilight. @Emily Schoenfeld Simmerock I know you're loving this @Abby Christine Silva Peter wasn't even that creepy about it. He just wanted to hear stories, not creep on girls roughly 90 years younger than him. Also, yes, loving this.

Dear Edward Cullen

Dump A Day April Fools Day Prank Ideas ..... I would be so pissed I would be like " there's shittttttt everywhereeeee"

April Fools Day Prank Ideas - 30 Pics


So much truth in one statement


Happy National Margarita Day. Yum. | Goldfish Kiss

Helping To Pay The Bills

my new favourite bluntcard


I celebrate it everyday -

RotteneCards quotes | If you CAN'T check on me to see how I'm doing.....DON'T check my social ...( OOh Yeah!)

Hell hath no fury like a women interrupted while watching Sons of Anarchy.

Tumblr, funny, humour, lol

Sorry for the language, but It made me laugh - Funny Ecards

This WILL be day....far far away....

Totes McGotes.

Phteven toaphter phtrudel

Bunny added extra Xanax to her morning Lemon-Drop Martini...pretty soon she was having conversations with small appliances...