Tardis #DIY --opens to next room, so It's bigger on the inside...Genius

Tardis DIY--opens to hidden console room. If I ever become rich, I'm getting a bigger on the inside TARDIS model and a bookcase secret door into another room. And maybe a wardrobe that goes to Narnia.

Love this

Matt Smith at Comic-Con - defending little girls everywhere from weeping angels. Daaaw hes adorable. You can save me from the weeping angels Doctor!

Doctor Who cuff. I want.

I found 'Steampunk Doctor Who Time Traveling Brass Cuff Bracelet' on Wish, check it out!

Docto Who Cat TARDIS! If I ever have a cat again he's so getting one.

Just in case we get another cat.tardis cat tree ~ want.the geek and animal lover in me wants this one bad

Must do the next time.

Doctor Who Workout. Seriously going to do this! I get a workout and I get to re-watch episodes! I'll make a rule, I can only watch episodes if I do these :-). I should make plans for the other shows I watch. Who needs drinking games?

The Doctor

"There are only three words a girl ever wants to hear a handsome stranger say to her I'M THE DOCTOR" This is very true!


Donna is my favorite companion. I quite like River bc she meets Donna later and likes her.

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