tutorial sneakers

baked oatmeal sneaker shoe Royal Icing Gold Rope Border Tutorial healthy peanut butter balls Cookieria By Margaret: Noivas e Cookies ainda.

Lots of tutorials here

How to make Tylo glue

Lots of tutorials here. This is the gum paste brooch pictured here. Even though it's made for cake decorating it can also be done with pc.

Miniature kitchen table.

Pictures of the day: 28 October 2008

Miniature books, dollhouse library.

& dollhouse without books is like a miniature room without windows!& Miniature books mansion library collection by L.

Polymer Clay Hard Candy Tutorial

Candy: Great beginner project for my first time working polymer clay tomorrow afternoon!

Miniature building construction in foamboard - way too advanced for me but very cool!

Emmanuel Nouaillier shows how to scratch build and age miniature structures.

Tutorial on Polymer clay wedding cake

How to make a beautiful wedding cake (with roses) out of polymer clay. I used white sculpey, pink & purple cernit (mixed with some white sculpey) & l.

Tea Rose Home: Big Reveal of Small Sewing Room! Part 1

Sachiko from Tea Rose Home has created the cutest little sewing room. And by little, I mean miniature, like dollhouse size. But look at all she’s put into her itty sewing room!