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Shelter-Kit Homes

Shelter-Kit has been designing and producing kit buildings, for assembly by owners with no prior building experience, for over 44 years. We work with you to design your building, help you obtain building permits, arrange shipping anywhere, and we will be available to answer your questions before, during, and after construction. We encourage you to visit our Press Page at to learn more about us.
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This is one of our L-063 kit designs. This particular kit was built on a lake and has made a splendid lake retreat for the last 10 years. Are you thinking about a lake house? Check us our at

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Owner-Built House, Cabin and Barn Kits from Shelter-Kit® There's much more to this home than meets the eye...see more views on our Facebook Page to see if this is the barn-home for you!

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Find out what's included in a #shelterkit at

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8 Companies That Are Revolutionizing Kit Homes

With seemingly limitless plans, styles, and sizes, kit homes are an intriguing alternative for homebuyers. We’ve rounded up eight innovative companies whose products range from disaster relief housing to assemble-your-own studios.

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Pinned by you...."AMAZING KIT HOMES:NOT REALLY 'TINY' BUT DOES COME IN SMALL SIZES IT'S A KIT!::::Company: Shelter-Kit This company, based in Tilton, N.H., has been selling DIY cabins and barns for four decades. The largest of its models is the customizable Cape-style Barn House, whose standard plan goes up to 26 by 40 feet (price: $40,825)."

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While windows and door are not included in our basic kits, we are happy to help you determine which products would be best for your building. Whether you are interested in building your own "kit" to save money or because you've always dreamed of designing your own home, we can help.

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Traditional, Contemporary, Large or Small - let us help you design your dream home.

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Don't let our name fool you. We've been in business for over 44 years and have helped people build custom-designed homes all over the country. Call us, Email us, Connect with us, here on Facebook. We want to help you design your home! E: T: (603) 456-3801

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