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The amazing health benefits of optimism - and why it makes sense to really try to see that glass as half full!

Typewriter Series #479 by Tyler Knott Gregson

Free Printable Love Quote and desktop wallpaper. "What i love most about my home is who i share it with." #valentines #lovequote

Life Is About Moments Free Printable | On Sutton Place

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Biggest Loser / #BiggestLoser / Motivation / Inspiration

I love this....


The secret to your happiness is being grateful. Unless you can start being thankful for all you already have, instead of always counting what you still ''need'' you will never be happy.... <3 Angela from

I Corinthians 10:13 A way out!

being obedient to God

i love finding encouraging verses in random books of the Bible!

Calm down my Soul. Psalm 46:10

I love this! There are never unanswered prayers. God answers in one of these three ways!

Isaiah 40:31

Revelation 21:4 by ohhellofriend

Words of Wisdom


empathy goes a long way


Family -- For @Kathaleeya Plungkhen

Dear Lord, I love when You place me where I need to be and ever so gently You give me an Ah-Ha moment so that I know I am where I need to be. Thank You God for opening my eyes to Your amazing Grace and comforting me and letting me know it will be alright. ~Amen

write troubles in sand and blessings in stone.