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health stuff

health stuff

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Wedding-day white teeth! My dentist actually told me about this. Use a little toothpaste, mix in one teaspoon baking soda plus one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, half a teaspoon water. Thoroughly mix then brush your teeth for two minutes. Remember to do it once a week until you have reached the results you want. Once your teeth are good and white, limit yourself to using the whitening treatment once every month or two.

Oooooh. I want this in my future office. If I can live that long lol

Christmas in Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, Ontario

If not now, then when?

CV by Pou Dimitrijevich, via Behance

For a sore throat - cut up 2 lemons, drop them in a small mason jar and pour raw honey over them until it fills up about 1/3 of the jar. You can immediately see the juice from the lemon being drawn out by the honey and the two swirling together. Let it sit in the fridge, over the next few weeks the lemon will darken and the mixture will thicken. The peels and pulp will break down as well and leave behind a golden, lumpy marmalade that you can scoop into a cup and poor piping hot water over

A hospital in Houston live-tweeted a brain surgery and compiled graphic photos and videos in Storify to shed light on modern medicine.

Take what you need...

Easy Homesteading: Medicine Cabinet In Your Kitchen

Alternative Medicine

Home Remedy for soar throat, hacking cough, tight congestion... Using this in the winter instead of all those mucus relief drugs and decongestants that don't do a thing.

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To Hell and Back (Near Death Experience Testimonials) Dr Maurice Rawlings, MD (cardiologist & former athiest). Modern medicine allows many patients who are clinically dead be revived & brought back to life. Dr. Rawlings shows from his own practice, from the experiences of his patients, that not everyone goes to the light when they die... Many of his patients, after being resuscitated on the operating table, spoke about the terrors of hell.

An X-ray showing the coronary arteries of the heart

Bike ambulance

Negative calories because they burn more calories during digestion than they have in them.

another great list...

the things you forget the 2nd time around....

"The Holiday" Cottage Kitchen

love the fireplace.

First published under the title 'Anatomy of the humane body' in London in 1713 Dedicated to Dr. Richard Mead

Bones of the Face

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Diagram of the Human Brain

Arteries in the Neck