The Blue Cloak

In 1798, two men "declared war on all humanity" ...
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a blue cloak with the quote how could they ever know where these men were, except by the trail of woe they left?
The Blue Cloak by Shannon McNear - Book Review True Crime
the blue cloak by shannon mcnear
Spotify Playlist: The Blue Cloak
Songs that provided strength and inspiration for the writing of this book!
the blue cloak by shannon mcnear
The Blue Cloak, March 2020, Barbour Publishing
The Harpes are coming ...
an old log cabin sits in the woods
Knoxville Photos - Featured Images of Knoxville, TN
James White Fort
the sign for james white's fort is in front of some trees and bushes
James White's Fort Knox County TN
a man standing in front of a mirror holding a knife and looking at the camera
Jude Law
Jude Law (model for Ben?)
1790 green dress #timetravelcostumes Haute Couture, Outfits, Regency Dress, Century Clothing, 1790s Dress, Antique Clothing, Vintage Dresses, Historical Clothing, Old Dresses
OMG that dress!
1790 green dress #timetravelcostumes
an old black and white photo of a man in uniform
Suit 1790's
1790’s suit made of red cloth with metal buttons. Said to have belonged to a middle-class man in a small Swedish town.
a painting of people on a hill overlooking a river
Kentucky Frontier | U.S. Geological Survey
Kentucky Frontier
an island in the middle of water with trees on both sides and land around it
Views from the Top
Views from the Top | Evansville City View Magazine
there is a fallen tree in the middle of the water and some grass on the bank
John James Audubon State Park | leopard print lindsay Henderson, Kentucky