Read this guide before starting your aquaponics system. If you plan your system right, you will be able grow healthy fish and have delicious organic food to eat for your family.

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It's not quite spring yet. but you're ready for gardening season, right? Here's 10 crops you can start from seed in February to scratch the itch!

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Do you want to grow the best tomatoes in taste and size? And want to have a bumper harvest? Then put these things in the hole before planting your tomato plant!

Make a seed starting light for under $10, with easy instructions and step-by-step photos. Don't spend $150+ for a kit from the fancy garden supply catalog!

Now here is something I never knew. You can store late autumn or fall cabbages for several months in a cool and damp spot if your temperatures are of the frost or lower variety. You need to pull them up roots and all, take off any damaged outer leaves (and don't store diseased plants); hang upside down and there you have them. Fresh cabbages over winter. Credit from

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"Why didn't I think of that" ...... Use cedar for insulation, as a natural mite repellant & to absorb moisture in the hive in winter. Brilliant!

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