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Open with Cole) I finished texing you i knew it was wrong. Seemed like what Laney and Axel would do but i waited for you "So what are we doing y/c" i ask before you laugh some making me nervous

Daemon exclaimed. Avery shot him a look from over her shoulder, hushing him with a sharp. "Shhh," The only light in the room was from her monitor, "Not so loud, my dad's home."

Lana,the head chef for the Diovanillo household.For the members that eat.She is a single mother of a young daughter Mia.Like the other chef who has become her best friend and her daughter has become best friends with the other female chef's daughter.

Relationship Aesthetic for: secret lovers (Left) INTJ, Slytherin, (Right) INTJ Gryffinclaw, Our female rivals, but as secret lovers.

Pentacles - Earth - Body / your physical health, sustenance and material security. Practicalities. Pack it up, you will need it for the journey ahead.

Treasure is all around us, well within our reach, when have eyes to see it. Many of us are blind to these abundant treasures, because we're used to seeing ...

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Leggy and gorgeous. Tasie Lawrence. She's ever so pretty. Like her. Sal P.