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Some Random Facts

Some Random Facts

random solutions

23 Solutions To Your Most Pressing First World Problems

In August of 2007, astronomers located a gigantic hole in the universe. This empty space, stretching nearly a billion light-years across, is devoid of any matter such as galaxies, stars, and gas, and neither does it contain the strange and mysterious dark matter, which can be detected but not seen. The large void in the Constellation Eridanus appears to be improbable given current cosmological models. A radical and controversial theory proposes that it is a "universe-in-mass black hole."

Central area of the Milky Way galaxy, released by astronomers at the European Southern Observatory's Paranal Observatory in Chile. The photo shows 84 million stars in an image measuring 108,500×81,500, which contains nearly 9 billion pixels, and is actually a composite of thousands of individual photographs shot with the observatory's VISTA survey telescope.

Minus 5 Ice Lounge, Las Vegas. Everything is made out of ice even your drinking glasses. I am totally doing this when I go to Las Vegas

Minus 5 Ice Bar - A Cool Las Vegas Experience - Drink Spirits

Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box. I feel like I either need this or need to give it as a gift to someone!

Whenever I feel a little stupid I take a look at this. Hahaha hilarious

Shut up and take my money

Shut up and take my money

Old photos that have been colorized

This toilet seat tells you how much weight that you just lost.

Toilet Seat Scale by Haikun Deng » Yanko Design

I need these!

Mind blown! It makes perfect sense Beauty and the Beast- 1991 Aladdin- 1992

For kids to put in pockets in big crowds. Iphone app to track them if you get separated. Also uses GPS to track your keys, phone, dog, etc. Useful!

A band with baby's birthstone to wear under your wedding band. CUTE!

29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know Including Side Swept Bangs

29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

I wonder if this really works?

A mother kept items from her sons pockets for years and presented the lost treasures as a wedding gift. this is one of the coolest things! (I'm keeping this pin for future DIY)

Contrary to what you might think following the last two weeks of news, the world isn't completely full of doom and gloom. We asked our readers to come up with some of the happiest, least terrifying, most joy-inducing pieces of news they could find.

Pretty cool Harry Potter video

OMG I love it! Every Spongebob character ever made!!!

I may have to download this.

Traditional housewarming gift: Bread so you'll never go hungry. Candles so you'll always have light through the darkest times. Honey so you'll always enjoy the sweetness of life. Olive Oil so you will be blessed with health and well-being. Salt so there will always be flavor and spice in your life. Wine so you will always have joy and never go thirsty. What a good idea.

traditional house warming gifts

Super Mario Bros. coasters made with perler beads and resin.

Another Handmade Super Mario Bros Coaster Set |Gadgetsin

Who voiced who---Disney characters. Some of these surprised me.

I was surprised from some of them

23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Movie "Finding Nemo"