I wanna make this for my sister!

You and I are sisters quotes quote family quote family quotes sister quote sister quotes sibling quotes my sister

fact! I will probably feel this way after crafting for my wedding.

Funny Reminders Ecard: Glitter was a great idea; until you realized it's the Herpes of crafting supplies and now you cant get rid of it.


Mornings_nap_"I wake up everyday planning to be productive and then a voice in my head says "Haha good one!" and we laugh and laugh and take a nap."_Seriously, I have had a few of these; and I do laugh.

heh heh that makes me a little scared lol

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Don't judge me because I am quiet. No one plans a murder out loud.

Hahaha..guy ecard

Funny Confession Ecard: My girlfriend just caught me blow drying my penis and asked what was I doing. Apparently, heating your dinner was not the right answer.

What a happy pup!

Is this not the cutest dog face? Smooshy-face smiley dog named Moose

Me and my sisters lmao

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How much. Did the knitter. Have to pay. To get her boyfriend to put this on?????

Shorts Sweater Trousers Socks Handmade White by warmpresents. I've been trying to mske this for awhile now, but it seems i lack the talent. Christmas is coming soon!


Funny Family Ecard: Everyday I fall in love with you more and more. Except yesterday, yesterday you were pretty annoying. So true!