Reading Comprehension Strategies Poster

reading comprehension strategies poster Standard Knowledge of Literacy. Standard = The teacher has demonstrated the ability to develop reading comprehension and promotion of independent reading including COMPREHENSION STRATEGIES FOR A VARIETY OF GENRES.

Reading group or intervention game!

Reading Comprehension Worksheets & Activities

Reading group or intervention game! A fun idea would be to roll the die and begin a made-up story, each person that rolls tells the next part. Roll all first. Write down your numbers. Begin the story in numerical order. It does not matter how many p

Ten Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension in Kindergarten & First Grade

10 Ways to Improve Reading Comprehension in K/1

Game for comprehension

READING ACTIVITY An Apple For The Teacher: Roll and Retell - Building Summarizing, Communication, and Writing Skills after reading a book as a class students pair up or get in small groups and roll the dice and answer the questions.

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