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Do you agree?

Thank you for this. All the people shipping Jon and Dani keep forgetting that SHE'S HIS FUCKING AUNT. Just say no to incest, kids.

Jon Snow's tragic family history <<<Forgetting Momma Stark + Robb's wife + unborn kid that ALSO died at the Red Wedding & Targaryen Grandmother that died giving birth to Dany

He did almost impossible thing and I think he is the true winner. :)

Aemon Targaryen (Maester and brother of the Night's Watch). He is the great uncle of Daenarys Targaryen, who was unaware of his existence.and, the great great uncle of Jon Snow but no one was aware of this either.

MBTI wand cores (from Harry Potter). According to Pottermore mine is unicorn hair, but this says dragon heartstring.

MBTI wand cores (from Harry Potter). According to Pottermore mine is dragon heartstring but this says unicorn hair

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