DIY Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars

DIY Dollar Tree Apothecary Jars

Now, you too can have the same Amber BPA-Free Plastic Bottles and High Quality Black Pump Tops the team at Southern Zoomer uses to bottle their Premium Sweet Almond Oil. Our customers love them! What Más

DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights

DIY Ping Pong Ball Lights

diy ping pong ball lights, home decor, lighting, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling

It only costs $1, but it will make your bathrooms sparkle!

Homemade Grout, Tile and Tub Cleaner

More Pallet Board

If you’re SO over your ‘ugly’ planters, this might be the most inexpensive way to dramatically transform them:

How to Make a Solar Chandelier with Magnets

She fills a plastic bag with magnets. Now watch what she does in her backyard. GORGEOUS!

Turn a leftover pickle jar into a mercury vase

Don't throw away your leftover pickle jars - look at this gorgeous vase idea you can do instead!

DiY Slide-Out Shelves

A husband and wife want more kitchen cabinet space, but instead of simply decluttering they do THIS!

All the perfect DIY projects you can do with windows in one list

The Ultimate List of Window Upcycling Ideas

DIY Sconces

DIY Sconces

I created these sconces to be attached to the shutters behind the bedside tables. I am in love with them and they were very budget friendly! These were actual…