( How do you describe a birds song without a recording? This bird tattoo does a good pretrial of a birds song. In Sonnet 73 the bird is singing among the bare trees.

feather tattoo!

You own a piece of my heart for always! I love the quote, the feather, and the placement!

Tattoo #inked

tattoo info Awesome back piece added word. cute tattoo This Could Be The Sort Of Thing I M Looking For, loving it but have no idea behind .

I may not be a butterfly tattoo guy but this is pretty dang sweet.

Awesome tattoo on the neck of this lady - butterflies and flowers. This is the type of tat I just got on my left arm. but in color. Im hoping to eventually get a half sleeve done with more of both :) Check out the website to see

tattoo for women on belly

Hip rose tattoo roses red and black dark rose bellybutton belly button ring cute sexy tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo Tattoos – Design Patterns  @Lindsey Dawn Attack made me think of you lol @Sarah Chintomby moss

Beautiful butterfly tattoo inked on waist line. a sexy tat idea for girls.except not with butterflies