Fruit Pizza Recipe

Spring Fruit Pizza - You must try a sweet dessert pizza made with a rich sugar-cookie crust, frosting, whipped cream and your favorite fresh fruit.

Summer Fish Bowl Party Drink!   1/2 Cup Nerds Candy 1/2 Gallon Gold Fish Bowl 5oz Vodka 5oz Malibu Rum 3oz Blue Curaçao  6oz sweet & sour mix 16oz Pineapple Juice 16oz Sprite 3 slices each of lemon, lime & orange 4 Swedish gummy fish Sprinkle nerds on bottom of bowl as 'gravel'. Fill bowl with ice. Add remaining ingredients. Serve with 18" straws.  NOTE for kids use small fish bowls from dollar store & make a virgin blue Hawaiian with a few drops of blue food colouring & ice mixed in a…

c nerds candy 5 oz vodka 5 oz malibu rum 3 oz blue curacao 6 oz sweet and sour mix 16 oz pineapple juice 16 oz sprite 3 slices each : -lemon -lime -orange 4 Swedish fish ice

1 Tastefully Simple Blueberry Pineapple Margarita drink bucket  3 small fishbowls(4-5 cups ea)  1 6oz box Nerds candy  12-16 Swedish fish candies  ice  fruit slices(3 ea lemon, lime, orange)  9 straws  Make TS bucket as directed, BUT don't freeze. Divide the Nerds, place in bottom of 3 bowls. Add ice. Place fish inside bowls, use ice to hold in place. Add TS drink bucket, divide equally. Top w/ fruit, straws & a little lemon-lime soda, for bubbles. Make for kids using non-alcoholic recipe

Fishbowl Punch

Fish Bowl punch 10 oz vodka 10 oz coconut rum 6 oz Blue Curacao liqueur 12 oz sweet-and-sour mix 20 oz pineapple juice 32 oz lemon- lime soda blue food coloring, 1 box oz) Nerds candy Swedish fish candies ice fruit slices lemon, lime and orange.