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The Battleship seating chart  While this may not be a viable long-term seating chart, it illustrates an important point. If you leave your seats the same way day in and day out, you get into a rut. On the other hand, if students are used to the row-and-column traditional style, and all of a sudden they walk into your room arranged in a crazy design, their interest will be instantly sparked. A little change does everyone some good

Seating arrangements are important so students can feel that they belong. This website provides different seating arrangements that will impact students learning.

Classroom Freebies: Quick Formative Assessment Tool

Math Coach's Corner: Create a poster with a numbered square for each student in your class and assign each student a number. When you want to do a quick assessment, students respond on a sticky note and put it on their numbered square.

I'm done cup... For fast-finishing kiddos

This could be adapted to suit my class! (via Team V’s First Grade Fun: “I’m Done” Cups) Students pick a stick from the “I’m Done” cup and work on an activity when they are finished with their work. Teachers can range the activities depending on the grade.

Humorous Best Man Invitations Help Wanted... | Greeting Card Universe

Humorous Wedding Usher Invitations Help Wanted Ad Cards. Personalize any greeting card for no additional cost!

Waldorf ~ 4th grade ~ History and Geography ~ (California) ~ resource downloads

Waldorf Inspirations, a website designed to help inspire teachers as they go about the rewarding yet sometimes challenging task of bringing the Waldorf grades’ curriculum to their students.