Amish Refrigerator Pickles

Amish Refrigerator Pickles ~ Authentic Amish Refrigerator Pickles~ ~Ready to eat in 24 hrs~ 6 c cucumbers, sliced 1 c green pepper, sliced 1 c onion, sliced Liquid: 1 c cider vinegar 2 c white sugar 1 tsp celelry seed 2 Tbsp salt

Quick Pickled Vegetables- Beets, peppers, radishes, beans, fennel- a simple recipe for refrigerator pickles to help extend summer's bounty far into fall.

Quick & Easy Refrigerator pickles

How to Make Lacto-Fermented Vegetables |

How to Make Lacto-Fermented Vegetables. Fermented foods are very good for health and digestion.

Ferment some cranberries in honey for a tasty holiday treat!

Fermented Honey Cranberries

Goat Cheese Polenta with Basil Almond Pesto & Pan Fried Chickpeas [For one]

My go to vegetarian dinner main recipe when I'm home alone! So easy and simple to whip up just for myself or also for one other person.

An Easy Guide to Fermenting Vegetables at Home » Natural Holistic Life

An Easy Guide to Fermenting Vegetables at Home -- Fermented vegetables deliver healthy bacteria, beneficial enzymes, B-vitamins and fatty acids that strengthen the digestive and immune systems.

How to Make Rhubarb & Honey Soda:

How to Make Rhubarb Soda (It's naturally probiotic!)

Want to learn how to make your own probiotic sodas at home? This Rhubarb & Honey soda is fun, quick and easy to make– plus, it's pretty and delicious!

5 super easy fermented food DIY recipes!

The Benefits of Fermented Foods and 5 DIY Recipes

Making Fermented Mushrooms | And Here We Are... #mushrooms #fermentation

Making Fermented Mushrooms

As the temperatures get colder, mushrooming season is coming to a close. Making fermented mushrooms is a perfect way to extend the life of…