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    Canadian Online Fabric Stores

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    UNTESTED: Sitka Fabrics - Northern AB

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    Dinkydoo Fabrics and Notions - Vancouver, BC

    Our Story - Modern Quilting Fabric Canada
    • Kristen Thiessen
      Kristen Thiessen

      Love these fabrics! Great service and shipping!

    • Fabric Fabric
      Fabric Fabric, online fabrics store wih low prices in canada

    Seam Allowance Fabrics - Oakbank, MB

    • Liv Dueck
      Liv Dueck

      Fantastic seller! Lots of great prints, flat rate shipping, and friendly! Nikki Moran

    • Nikki Moran
      Nikki Moran

      Thank you Liv Dueck!

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Thanks Liv Dueck!

    Fabric Please - New Dundee, Ontario

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    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Deanna Doornbos Thanks! I've fixed it now :)

    • Stephanie Mosselman
      Stephanie Mosselman

      I am so excited about this shop. Rita has been dreaming about opening this fabric store for a looooong time and I just know she is going to be a huge success!!!!

    • Jen Johnston
      Jen Johnston

      I've purchased Aurifil cones (yay for an online Canadian source!) and a roll of batting from Fabric Please. Customer service is excellent, the prices are great and if you are local you can save on shipping by picking up your order. I'm so happy to have another Canadian online fabric shop to buy from!

    • Fabric Please
      Fabric Please

      Thanks Sherri for adding me, thank you ladies that gave such nice comments. I'll always do my best to make shopping on my site a pleasant experience!

    • Fabric Fabric
      Fabric Fabric, online fabrics store wih low prices in canada

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    Funky Monkey Fabrics - Clinton, Ontario

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    Modern Bee - ON

    A neighbourhood boutique for your creative side

    the Fabric Snob - unknown location in Canada

    High quality & designer textiles for the fabric snob in you.
    • Gail Bromby
      Gail Bromby

      This store uses the America Dollar to price merchandise.

    Duncan & Kate Fabrics - Charlottetown, PEI (organic knits)

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    • Henry's Toybox
      Henry's Toybox

      I have made several purchases from Duncan & Kate Fabrics and have been very happy with all of them. Their custom fabrics are nice and thick with very cute designs. The owner is very sweet and quick to answer all my questions. With fast shipping and a good selection of euro import prints, I will definitely be ordering more from them.

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Thanks Destiny Walker!

    • Duncan & Kate Fabrics
      Duncan & Kate Fabrics

      Thank you for adding our shop to your list, Sherri!

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Duncan & Kate Fabrics Not a problem. you have amazing knit fabric!

    Fabricville - Quebec (Apparel, Home Decor, Notions, Fleece, etc.)

    Fabrics, Buy Fabrics Online | Fabricville

    UNTESTED Craft de Ville - Montreal, Quebec (notions, crafting supplies, buttons, Aurifil etc. + fabric)

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    For The Love Of Fabric - Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

    For The Love Of Fabric
    • Melanie Lee
      Melanie Lee

      Ordered 2 different Meters of Fabric this week. Came in beautiful packaging and I loved the quality of the Fabric even more once it was in my hands!

    • M Axbey
      M Axbey

      EPP'ers - they sell their fabric in fat quarters and swatch sizes too!

    • Fabric Fabric
      Fabric Fabric, online fabrics store wih low prices in canada

    Country Clothesline - Toronto, Ontario
    • Valerie Dufort
      Valerie Dufort

      I ordered three fabrics from this shop and was extremely satisfied with both fabrics and customer service


      Thanks Valerie - so glad you are happy with your fabrics!

    • Jody Davies Armstrong
      Jody Davies Armstrong

      I wish the price was per yard... not per half yard.


      Hi Jody, if you would like a yard of any fabric just choose 2 in the qty box - depending on inventory you can have as many yards as you wish of continuous fabric. Hope this helps 😀

    • Cherise Tower
      Cherise Tower

      This is a gorgeous shop! All the most beautiful fabrics in one place! The customer service is great!

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    Eweknit (fabrics & yarn) - Toronto, Ontario

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    UNTESTED - Ottawa Valley Fabric - Ottawa, ON

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    Canadian National Fabric - Caledon Village, ON

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    • Margaret Rinfret
      Margaret Rinfret

      What is Homespun flannel?

    • Canadian National Fabric
      Canadian National Fabric

      Hi Margaret! We sell a brushed homespun 100% cotton flannel which is woven not printed like most modern day cottons. These homespuns are brushed on one side which makes them super soft and they fray nicely so they are more commonly used in rag quilts. Generally they come in plaids and stripes. You can check them out here on my site: http://www.canadiannational... Thanks for asking! :)

    • Lisa Wang
      Lisa Wang

      This is the best list of Canadian online fabric shops I've come across, really helped me out! Thanks so much!

    • Canadian National Fabric
      Canadian National Fabric

      I agree Lisa! Sherri has done a wonderful job on compiling her list!

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Lisa Wang Thanks so much! I'm glad it has been helpful!

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    Fabric Spark - Toronto, ON

    Fabric Page 5 | Fabric Spark
    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      I'm glad you like it Anne Sutherland - they have a large selection!

    • Fabric Spark
      Fabric Spark

      thanks for pinning Sherri

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Fabric Spark :) You are very welcome! Your shop is amazing! It was so nice to meet you.

    • Robin Parker
      Robin Parker

      Great shop, wonderful service, very friendly. I recommend her.

    • Fabric Spark
      Fabric Spark

      Thanks Robin!

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    Stay Home Fabrics - Regina, SK

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    • Claudia Manley
      Claudia Manley

      just ordered their swatch collection - all you pay for is shipping; not so bad!

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Thanks Claudia Manley

    • Charlene Osland
      Charlene Osland

      Looking for knits

    • Chris N Amy Reid
      Chris N Amy Reid

      Shop here often. Wonderful quality, wonderful selection, great prices, great turnaround.

    • Cheyenne Barnett
      Cheyenne Barnett

      disappointed........ looking for quilt material

    The Quilting Bee - Fonthill, Ontario

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    Cedar & Needle - Squamish, BC

    Canadian quilt fabric online
    • Carmen Howell
      Carmen Howell

      There are items here I want. Note to self.

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Carmen Howell LOVE your comment! :)

    • Milena Majić
      Milena Majić

      I placed an order from here. Great service, fast delivery and quality fabric.

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Milena Majić Thanks!

    • Deanna Doornbos
      Deanna Doornbos

      LOVE the selection available - lots of Art Gallery :) And Alanna is super helpful and kind.

    Kids Fabrics - Kelowna, BC

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    • Mary Mayhew/ nonna_mahoo
      Mary Mayhew/ nonna_mahoo

      I've purchased here in the past. Great fabrics & good deals often. Delivery was very slow.

    • Anna Lacey
      Anna Lacey

      I buy from her often and she states right on her page that she can only ship on Fridays. If you order Thursday night the fabric arrives early the next week. If you order on Friday night it will take a week and a half. Not so bad. The quality of the fabric makes up for it!!

    Galena Bay Fabrics - Powell River, BC

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    • Ali Newman
      Ali Newman

      This store is actually located in Powell River, BC. Lovely lady to work with.

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Ali Newman - thanks! I've fixed it.

    fishskin Fabric & Designs - Prince Rupert, BC

    fishskin fabric
    • Kristy Orser
      Kristy Orser

      I ordered from here. Fast shipping and great prices!

    • Happy Okapi
      Happy Okapi

      Her facebook page works:

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Linda Bruinenberg I've fixed the link as well. Thanks Reece Montgomery for the facebook link!

    • Linda

      thank you

    Studio Fabric Shop - Toronto, ON

    Product Category : All Fabric | Studio Fabric Shop

    Our Designer Shop (Simplifi Fabric's 2nd Etsy Shop) - Iroquois, ON

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    • Heather Dawson
      Heather Dawson The Etsy shop is "on a break"

    • Sherri Sylvester
      Sherri Sylvester

      Heather Dawson Thanks for letting us know!

    the Workroom - Toronto, ON

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    • Lisa Rosen
      Lisa Rosen

      Wonderfully curated store with great customer service!

    • Barbara Clancy
      Barbara Clancy

      Recommended by my niece

    • Johanna Ysselstein
      Johanna Ysselstein

      this is where I buy all my fabric. They have an amazing collection of fat quarters