Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens

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DIY Project: How to Make a Toy Fairy Tree House. How great would this be for some of our #Fairies or #Toob figures?

DIY Project: How to Make a Toy Tree House | Adventure in a Box


Fairy garden homes made out of logs and big branches. Decorating on outside is all that is needed unless you can hollow out the inside. For some of us that's too much headaches, for others, no big deal. This is a nice idea.

Fancilicious Fairylands: Welcome to Woodland Fairy Village!


Ten unique and whimsical fairy garden ideas

Ten Unique Fairy Garden Ideas


Fairy Books (doll house doors and windows in vintage books) library - completely adorable!

Teachers as Storytellers


Mini spiral garden - I was looking for mini gardens and found this - the person who made it intends it as a potted herb garden, but I was thinking about a spiral garden for a little fairy garden - how cool would that be? limited in accessories, of course - and what if you can make the retaining wall be something of a sheer face (cliff? tree trunk) with a door leading inside? ******************************************** DailyDoseFarm - #mini #spiral #garden #fairy #miniature t√

DIY Mini Spiral Garden | FabDIY


Make a Fairy Garden by Little Monster - Adolpha is obsessed with these things.

Make a Fairy Garden by Little Monster - BonBon Break


DIY fairy furniture, simple, I made these myself. #fairyhouse

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step by step tutorial - chair from buttons (vary look by buttons chosen) - another tutorial for stools (basically same, just 3 legs and no back) ********************************************* el-manitas #fairy #garden #dollhouse #miniature #chair hh

el mundo de las manualidades y la artesanía: tutoriales


make your own toadstools for your fairy garden, diy home crafts, gardening, Then pop your little toadstools in your garden Next to your pond perhaps Tutorial for the pond at the link below

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how to: moss fairy house

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another #tutorial on how to make a #fairy house - good basic Fairy house to use in your rustic Fairy garden… just add to your ideal Fairy landscaping creation!

Juise: A Home for the Faeries


Step by Step directions for fairy garden in a planter- love the boxwood tree

How to Create a Fairy Garden in a Container


fairy garden shabby chandelier, crafts, gardening, outdoor living

Fairy Garden Shabby Chandelier


dollhouse tree house miniature DIY

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Bottle cap fairy garden BBQ

This, that and everything inbetween

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    Tracey Headford

    Nice I'd love to make a little fairy village in my garden

how to: fairy/tree house

Dolls Houses & Miniatures - Features


how to: fireplace logs

Elämää koossa 1:12: Tulta.. ilman savua!


My Simple Country Life: Handmade Rustic Spring Nest Decor

Simply Country Life: Handmade Rustic Spring Nest Decor


first finished fairy door. It stands up by itself.

My First Fairy Garden Doors - Roots Nursery


Aha, brill.

Fairy Gardens | The Owner-Builder Network


Woodland Twig Garden Entrance - Fairy Garden Miniatures - Dollhouse Miniatures - Doll Making Supplies - Craft Supplies

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Making a fairy garden-- mini plant varieties

Fairy Garden Plants


How to Create a Fabulous Fairy Cottage featuring Aleene's Super Thick Tacky Glue

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Fairy Garden Shabby Chandalier

Fairy Garden Shabby Chandalier


This site has the most amazing (and free) DIY Dollhouse Miniature Furniture and accessories - Tutorials. Many of these ideas can also be used in fairy gardens.

dolls houses and minis: How To Make