Missing Handle - Here's a fix - Make one to match

Missing Hardware? Here's a fix - Artsy Chicks Rule


"Our electricity bill has been dropping for years. It's the result of a combination of little and big DIY things we've done around the house that has added up to real savings, despite increases from the utility company.” I wish I had known about these tricks years ago—so awesome!

10 DIY Ways to Reduced Your Electric Bill


#DIY Get Wrinkles Out with ICE CUBES! #lifehacks | http://thriftydiydiva.com/get-wrinkles-out-without-an-iron/ | #diytips

Get Wrinkles Out With Ice Cubes (no ironing needed)


This little tip is fantastic for so many uses. Even good for sealing those envelopes; sponge painting; distressing; etc.

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog: Quick Tip Tuesday


I'm realizing that some people don't know how to do simple things like iron, so here's some great tips.

HowStuffWorks "Ironing: Tips and Guidelines"


Use zip ties inserted into broom, mop and tool handles to make them easier to hang on any hook.

Sew Many Ways...: Use Zip Ties For Mop Handles...


Magnetic Broom. Pick up loose screws nails in seconds, minus the dust. Screw a 3-in.-dia. pot magnet (at most home centers) on the end of a wood dowel to create your “picker-upper.”Place an inside-out sandwich bag over the magnet and start sweeping the area.

Tips for a Tidy Workshop


Type the word “sale” into the search box with whatever it is you’re looking for. | 14 Shopping Hacks To Save Money On Etsy

14 Shopping Hacks To Save Money On Etsy


Use a syringe to fix warped wood veneer.

37 RV Hacks That Will Make You A Happy Camper


15 Mother-In-Law Behaviors That Deserve a Punch in the Face. Great tips for me as a future MIL.

The 15 Worst Things A Mother-In-Law Can Do


Effective Methods, Diy Crafts, Lifehacks, Craft Ideas, Crafty Ideas

Effective Methods for Removing Super Glue from Anything - DIY & Crafts


DIY Rust Removal: Make Your Beater Better! Costs less than $40 and takes less than an afternoon to make your car look less old.

DIY Rust Removal: Make Your Beater Better!


In this car paint repair tutorial I will tell you how to fix deep car paint scratches and chips.

Step-by-Step Tutorials on How to Repair Deep Car Scratches


Nap in comfort with a DIY road trip pillow.

36 Things That Will Make Riding In Your Car So Much Better


Do you have a small-to-medium-sized dent in your car? Remove the dent with a plunger.

Remove Medium-Sized Dents from Your Car with a Plunger


2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray - You will need a spray bottle filled about 1/3 of the way with water. Now, you’ll fill the rest of the bottle with Isopropyl Alcohol. Shake it up!

2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray - Removes Ice In Seconds - Mom 4 Real


Winter car hacks!

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This Elmer's Glue Nail Polish Hack is crazy! Literally life changing for at-home manis. Woo hoo!

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How to dispose of unused medicines

Juggling Real Food and Real Life - My WordPress Blog


How to have your house smell like Pottery Barn. I did this today. Whole house smells SOOOOOO good!!

How to have your house smell like Pottery Barn


One ingredient to cure smelly feet and get rid of shoe odor.

Getting Rid Of Smelly Feet & Shoes


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