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rudeness and giggles

rudeness and giggles

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You're right... you are way out of my league.

Hahahahahahahahaha omg no comment.


Red Bull

had to do a double take

The Mayans predicted Lil Wayne... Hilarious!!

She should not be getting fast food. It will go straight to her ass.....I mean belly that looks like her ass!

you are a bad bad person if you laugh

hate you

April fool's

Ugly designs, & true words.

new colors for your crayon box... :)

Sorry about the language, but this just makes me laugh.

I really hate sticker families - but this made me laugh!

David is my hero. Also. My name is shannon and I'd have told him to GFH after email 1. in fact... I probably would've made the fracking poster myself and known david was a bag of dicks in the first place.

And again I say... REALLY???? Of all the things to imortalize in snow you landed on the blowie??

What animal did this come from?!

Employee evaluation. Still laughing!

stair stepper staircase! Love it!