Make It Yourself Mold PUTTY! It's sooo easy and it's food safe, remeltable and you can find all the ingredients at your local grocery store...!!!

Make It Yourself Mold PUTTY • Avalon Cakes

How to build a double barrel cake. [Tutorial] And a fun, funky watercolor horse!

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This full length tutorial shows you, step by step, how to build, carve, decorate, and detail a cake to make it look like a vintage style stuffed teddy bear!

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BB-8 cake tutorial


Ruffle Cake Picture Tutorial

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Fondant (gum paste) minions tutorial & other cute ideas

One in a Minion: A Fondant Tutorial

Despicable Me minions with fondant. Broken link, but the picture is good enough.

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The key to a perfect drizzle effect is donut icing and sanding sugar. Shown on a Disney Frozen Cake - full tutorial at

How-To Make a Three-Tier Frozen Birthday Cake

Dragon cake tutorial

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Easy Fondant Recipe

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超轻粘土教……_来自法西斯的图片分享-堆糖 DIY Despicable me cake tutorial. Tutorial completo tarta Minion

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Penguin on a giant cupcake - gravity defying cake tutorial

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Mommy And Me by on @deviantART

Mommy And Me by i-be-c on deviantART

The Fashion Caker

The Fashion Caker: The mini collection

Cupcakes Topped with Fondant Black Cats

This Black Cat Is Not Evil: A Halloween Cupcake Tutorial

zombie bears tutorial

How to Make Zombie Bears - Tutorial - Cake Central

Some of the best cake tutorials I have seen on a blog with lots of pictures and tools that aren't expensive specialty items. LOVE!

Viva La Sugar Cake: How to: "Fondant Ruffle Roses"

mad hatter cupcake tutorial

YouTube Channel Tutorials! @ McGreevy Cakes

How to make these Little Bears in Sugar Paste - Tutorial

Le torte creative di Claudia Prati: a scuola di cake decorating

Mrs Potts

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LEGO Stormtrooper Cake: Step by step instructions.

Cool LEGO Stormtrooper Cake

Clay doll making step diagrams


How to make gelatin bubbles, explained well and entertainingly :-D (and, yes, make them of flavored gelatin the same way, and they'll taste like the flavored gelatin... the flavors won't change the qualities of the gelatin much.)

Gelatin Bubble Tutorial « Cake Ball Love

Tutorial for cake and pumpkin decorations

Natural vs. Glam~ Pumpkin Cake Design Fun in the Blog!