How to Make a Mirror Glaze Cake! A Cake Decorating Video Tutorial by Online Cake Tutorials & Recipes.

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How to Make a Mirror Glaze Cake- A Cake Decorating Video

Make It Yourself Mold PUTTY! It's sooo easy and it's food safe, remeltable and you can find all the ingredients at your local grocery store...!!!

Avalon Cakes

Make It Yourself Mold PUTTY • Avalon Cakes

How to build a double barrel cake. [Tutorial] And a fun, funky watercolor horse!

McGreevy Cakes
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This full length tutorial shows you, step by step, how to build, carve, decorate, and detail a cake to make it look like a vintage style stuffed teddy bear!

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BB-8 cake tutorial


Ruffle Cake Picture Tutorial

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Fondant (gum paste) minions tutorial & other cute ideas

The Craftsy Blog

One in a Minion: A Fondant Tutorial

Despicable Me minions with fondant. Broken link, but the picture is good enough.

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The key to a perfect drizzle effect is donut icing and sanding sugar. Shown on a Disney Frozen Cake - full tutorial at

How-To Make a Three-Tier Frozen Birthday Cake

Dragon cake tutorial

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Easy Fondant Recipe

The Craftsy Blog
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超轻粘土教……_来自法西斯的图片分享-堆糖 DIY Despicable me cake tutorial. Tutorial completo tarta Minion

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Penguin on a giant cupcake - gravity defying cake tutorial

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Mommy And Me by on @deviantART

Mommy And Me by i-be-c on deviantART

The Fashion Caker

The Fashion Caker: The mini collection

Cupcakes Topped with Fondant Black Cats

The Craftsy Blog

This Black Cat Is Not Evil: A Halloween Cupcake Tutorial

zombie bears tutorial

How to Make Zombie Bears - Tutorial - Cake Central

Some of the best cake tutorials I have seen on a blog with lots of pictures and tools that aren't expensive specialty items. LOVE!

Viva La Sugar Cake: How to: "Fondant Ruffle Roses"

mad hatter cupcake tutorial

YouTube Channel Tutorials! @ McGreevy Cakes

How to make these Little Bears in Sugar Paste - Tutorial

Le torte creative di Claudia Prati: a scuola di cake decorating

Mrs Potts

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LEGO Stormtrooper Cake: Step by step instructions.

Cool LEGO Stormtrooper Cake

Clay doll making step diagrams


How to make gelatin bubbles, explained well and entertainingly :-D (and, yes, make them of flavored gelatin the same way, and they'll taste like the flavored gelatin... the flavors won't change the qualities of the gelatin much.)

Gelatin Bubble Tutorial « Cake Ball Love