Animals being kind to each other

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a small kitten with blue eyes peeking out from inside a pair of denim jeans,
Don't Skip Over This Article If You Have A Cat! * Click image to read more details. #PetCats
a dog laying on top of a couch next to a cat sleeping in it's lap
Funny Animals - Part - 56 | Amazing & Funny
Awwwwww :) What a cute picture
a dog laying next to a cat on top of a bed in black and white
a dog is holding two baby birds in its mouth while laying on hay and straw
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Adopting... ☀
two dogs are playing with each other in the grass
Articles for January 2012 Year
** Amazing friendship <3
a dog and a baby deer in the grass
My friend's parents raise deer for a living... This is ridiculous.
two pictures of a white dog with ducklings in front of him and on the ground
Are you my momma?
True Buds Animals And Pets, Animal Pictures
True Buds
a dog and cat laying in the grass
True Friendship
a dog and a cat sitting together on the ground
The Enchanted Cove
a cat is laying on top of a dog's head and has it's eyes closed
friends forever
a dog laying on top of a person's leg with his head resting on the cat
two dogs laying on the ground next to each other with their heads touching one another
Best Friends!