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Crochet Flower Tutorials

We love the look of flowers as there`re so many different types of flowers, colors and shapes. In our Free Crochet Flower Tutorials we`ve collected the most incredible & gorgeous flowers ever. You don't have to go through a lot of trouble to create a beautiful flower. Our Step-by-step tutorials will guide you through your work & give you incredible results. In our collection you`ll find plenty of easy-make flowers together with complected ones. Also see the ideas how to use flowers in decoration

Crochet Flower Tutorials

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Crochet Lily Tutorial 86 Free Crochet Flower Patterns Video tutorial demonstrates an easy crochet flower pattern to make.

Crochet Small Pretty 8 Petal Flower Tutorial 85 Free Crochet Flower Patterns In this crochet video tutorial you will learn how to crochet a small 8-petal flower with raised center made of chains.

Crochet 3D Flower With Ruche Petals Tutorial 88 In this tutorial we will show you how to crochet cute flower with ruche petals.

3D RUCHE PETAL FLOWER WITH STAMENS With this video instructions you can make a flower with one layer of petal, with 2 layers or make a 3 layered flower. All variations are beautiful and can be used for a cute embellishment. Enjoy!

CROCHET BELL-FLOWER PATTERN This crochet video tutorial demonstrates in detail how to make an adorable striped multicolored bell flower with stamens.

CROCHET PANSY FLOWER Tutorial 83. To make a beautiful pansies you just need to complete 2 rounds of stitches. This 5 petal pansy flower has 2 large petals and 3 small ones. If you wish you can work and extra row of single crochet and picot trim over 2 large petals to give a completely different look to your flower.

Easy Crochet Flower Free Pattern Tutorial 81 Flowers For Beginner Crochetersm See more flowers to crochet and knit on Sheruknittingcom YouTube Channel! You can use this flower on hats, bags, pins, hair bands, clothing, home decore, as gift package/gift card decoration, make it a part of your fashion accessories like bracelets, necklaces, belts, scarves.

Crochet Two-Layered Flower Free Pattern Tutorial 80 Crochet 3D Flowers In this crochet flower video tutorial you will see how to make a beautiful one-layer 8-petal flower and then how you can turn this ready flower to a completely different one by crocheting an additional layer of smaller petals.

Easy Crochet 8-Petal Flat Flower Pattern Tutorial 79 Crochet Snowflake Learn how to crochet easy flat flower. See more free crochet flower patterns, crochet flower video tutorials. This simple flower is fast and very easy to crochet; you need to complete only two rows. Eight beautiful petals make this flower look more like a snowflake.

Fuchsia Flower Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial 78 Beautiful 3D Flowers See more free crochet flower patterns, crochet fuchsia flower, 3D crochet fuchsia, free fuchsia flower crochet pattern, collection of free crochet flower video tutorials. Learn how to crochet incredibly beautiful 3D fuchsia flower following our free step-by-step crochet video tutorial. This little lovely fuchsia flower can be a good part of your crochet flower bouquet project.

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    Marilynn Wilkins

    I don't understand the kind of yarn your using on the flowers. do you know if Red Heart handles it.

Carnation Flower Pattern Crochet Tutorial 77 How to Crochet Tube Cord Crochet flower patterns, crochet carnation flower, learn how to crochet tube cord, free carnation patterns, collection of free crochet flower tutorials, crochet strong cord in rounds, free on-line crochet tutorials.

Beautiful Crochet Flower Patterns Tutorial 76 Free Crochet Flower Tutorials Free crochet flower patterns, learn how to crochet a flower, collection of free crochet flower tutorials, crochet flowers for any of your project, free on-line crochet tutorials, easy and complicated projects.

Crochet Snowdrop Flower Pattern Tutorial 75 Free Crochet Flower Patterns This crochet version of an incredibly beautiful early spring flower - snowdrop flower - won't leave you indifferent. It can be a perfect embellishment for a baby clothing or you may want to crochet a bouquet of these flower to bring some spring mood to your home.

Super Easy Crochet Flower Tutorial 74 Free Crochet Flower Patterns Free crochet flower patterns, easy to crochet flower video tutorial, easy to follow crochet flower tutorial, crochet a quick flower with Sheruknittingcom tutorials. This little crochet 5-petal flower takes less then 15 minutes to make. Super easy and quick flower is good for beginners to try.

How to Crochet Flowers Free Patterns Tutorial 73 Crochet 12-Petal Flower Crochet online free tutorials, free crochet flower patterns, many crochet flower patterns, huge library of crocheted and knitted flowers, follow along with the video to crochet a flower. This free crochet flower pattern is great for embellishing any of your crochet and knitted projects.

Crochet Flower Puff Stitch Center Tutorial 72 Crochet Flower Library Free Patterns Free crochet flower patterns, huge library of crocheted and knitted flowers, detailed crochet flower video tutorials, DIY flowers for embellishing your projects, crochet flower patterns for any difficulty levels.

Crochet Bell Flower Tutorial 71 Part 2 of 2 Free Crochet Flower Patterns Crochet bell flower pattern, crochet flower library, crochet flower for embellishing any of your crochet and knitting projects, free patterns and video tutorials. In this crochet video tutorial we continue making a Canterbury bell flower working on its sepals and a leafstalk.

Canterbury Bell Flower Crochet Pattern Tutorial 71 part 1 of 2 Free Crochet Flower Patterns Crochet flower patterns, detailed easy to follow video tutorials, crochet bell flower, crochet and knitting flowers for beginners and skilled masters....

Picot Popcorn Stitch Flower Crochet Tutorial 70 Flower Patterns Flower crochet pattern. This 3-D flower works up quickly, and can be used for a variety of projects. In the center we made 6 popcorn stitches with picots. And petals are worked in the same style - with picots. This flower can be applied to the bags, hair bends, hats... and used to embellish any of your hand made pieces. Enjoy!

12-Petal Crocheted Spiral Flower Tutorial 69 Flower to Crochet Enjoy making this incredibly beautiful crochet spiral flower with 12 petals, where there are 6 small and 6 large petals. This flower is made in 3 rounds only. The first and the second round is the base for the whole flower and the last third round - is round of crochet petals.

Crochet 3D Narcissus Flower Tutorial 68 Part 3 of 3 Crochet Daffodil This detailed crochet video tutorial will help you to crochet a beautiful narcissus (daffodil) flower. The center for this flower we made in crochet flower tutorial 68 part 1. In this tutorial we continue the work crocheting two layers of petals....

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    Richard Dreyer

    Ann l enjoy very much all the tutorials,and traying to make them.they are beautifull.

Crochet Poppy Flower Tutorial 68 Part 2 of 3 Bullion Block Stitch Flower Learn how to crochet poppy with this detailed crochet video tutorial. The center for the poppy flower we made in crochet flower tutorial 68 part 1. In this tutorial we continue the work making four petals of double crochet stitches and bullion block stitches.

Crochet 3D Bellflower Tutorial 68 Part 1 of 3 Center for Poppy Flower Narcissus Daffodil Incredibly beautiful flower patterns with detailed video instructions. Learn how to make a 3D crochet bellflower, 3D crochet poppy flower and 3D crochet narcissus (daffodil)! In this part of our crochet video tutorial you will see how to create a 3D bellflower working bullion block stitches.

Crochet Popcorn Stitch 6-Petal Flower Tutorial 67 Easy Flower to Crochet Looking for some really inspiring crochet flower patterns? Please see our crochet flower collection with a lot of ideas and detailed tutorials. This tutorial shows you easy steps for making a beautiful popcorn stitch flower. The crochet flower pattern is easy and fast to make.