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Cloey, Raelynn, Lylian, Em, Patience, Caden, Tuf, etc. Lol

Me:Hiiii! Friend:*face plants and walks away Me:See you later then.

Newt Scamander Wand / Harry Potter / FANTASTIC BEASTS

I thought it was a chopstick at first

Pillows love

Not sure if I want a book themed cafe or world themed yet. but if book theme, yes to these adorable pillows! Get your geek on and channel the wonderful world of Harry Potter into your home decor with these fantastic throw pillows.

Hmmm Shawn or Jacob? Sorry Shawn but I have to go with Jacob, but rustic is awesome!

Shawn Mendes

Shawn looks like my brother but obvuisly prettier 😅😍

Shawn Mendes and your sweet smile ☺️

I showed my mom this picture and she started mimicking him weirdly with her tongue cus he has his tongue to his teeth and I got pretty mad actually😂😂