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birds ,baths, feeders

birds ,baths, feeders

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Instructions on How to Make a Hummingbird House -- Hummingbirds are not attracted to conventional bird houses. Instead, they prefer an open home, which is why they build nests in the forks of tree branches. You can create a hummingbird house but the house should be designed specifically to suit hummingbirds if that is the species that you hope to attract.

Instructions on How to Make a Hummingbird House | eHow

the garden-roof coop: DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

the garden-roof coop: DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

Baltimore Oriole - put out some oranges in the spring to attact them to your yard. mine have been coming back every year. they also love grape jelly. It's fun to watch the adults feed the babies at the feeder. show up end of April for me.

Baltimore Oriole | Attracting Birds - Birds and Blooms

Hummingbird nests can be very hard to find, since they're often about the size of a ping pong ball. Learn what to look for and where to look on the Birds & Blooms website.

Birding | Birds & Blooms

Easy Oriole Feeder It doesn't get any easier than this one. And the colorful birds it attracts will amaze you!

Easy DIY Oriole Feeder - Birds and Blooms

Want to attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies to your garden. Plant the Perennial "Bee Balm" Be sure too give this plant a garden of it's own.

Hummingbird Favorites

Orioles in an Instant | Birds & Blooms: "You don't need a special feeder to invite orioles to your yard this spring. Just take an old suet cage feeder and fill it with oranges instead. The orioles will love this special treat!...Try putting grapes or berries in a suet feeder to see what feathered friends you can attract."

Birding | Birds & Blooms

American Goldfinch Habitat: Open areas like yards, fields, fencerows and groves. Diet: Seeds and berries. Backyard Favorites: Supply nyjer (thistle) in a tube feeder with multiple ports, or in a nylon stocking.

American Goldfinch | Attracting Birds - Birds and Blooms

How to get hummingbirds to nest in your garden.

Make this Feeder on a Dime

Grow Your Own Gourd Bird House-birdsandblo...

This Bird Bath Tray at Duncraft is an easy way to offer water to birds without a big investment.

Many birds love apples, and this easy-to-make feeder will bring them in. Screw a threaded rod into a post cap. Drill holes through the apples and thread them onto the rod, then top with a finial and a screw eye. Get more info from Lowe's Creative Ideas.

A rainbow of color for your garden!

"There is something that is just so perfect about a birdhouse in a garden."

Imagine how many birds you can feed at once with this Six-Arm Bird Feeder And Hanging Seed & Nut Balls from Plow & Hearth!

6-Arm Iron Bird Feeder Tree | Bird & Squirrel Feeders

Stacked Stone Bird Baths DIY » The Homestead Survival

Neat bird feeder made from a plate and a bowl. Breakfast is served! (Erin's Creative Energy)

Get the kids to help you prepare this Thanksgiving feast for the birds (Under the Table and Dreaming)

DIY Fairy Garden House

The kids will love making these snacks for Santa's Reindeer. (Birds love 'em too) From Under the Table and Dreaming

Attract birds to your yard in winter by making and hanging bird seed cakes -- we used heart-shaped cookie cutters just for fun. Instructions at our website.


32 Creative Birdbath Ideas

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