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Vintage apparel and anything reminiscent of the past in that arena


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Spring Fashion from the House of Agnes

The Flip!

Little girls used to have matching coats, hats, and leggings...Mama made my coats sometimes using adults cast offs for the fabric.

This has got to be the ultimate paisley shirt! WOW! Paisley was a popular print for both men and women in the 60's.

Mens Wear - Remember the Leisure Suit? How about some of these other fashion disasters?

One piece of "religious" jewelry that I had as a girl was a mustard seed necklace. It was a great reminder of the Scriptural truth about faith.

Plastic beads that snapped together were a real fad nthe 1960's...they were called pop could make them any length you wanted.

My Chesterfield was tailored a bit more like this gentleman's coat...very, very classic!

In high school I had a similar coat in a herringbone fabric that was slightly darker than this.

I had a coat similar to this...collar and fabric were the same shade, however. College and early marriage...

Poster: Beauty of an other era...

I had a circle pin like this...they were also popular in high school in the 1960's.

Leaf pins were popular in high school. I had one similar to this.

I MADE THIS SUIT! 1963-64!!!

An every Saturday ritual to get ready for church was for Mom to set my hair on these!

Fairly positive that this same type of rubber curler was used for the hairstyle I had in the early 50' made for a Shirley Temple "finger curls" when placed vertically around your head.

  • Shirley Gigax
    Shirley Gigax

    OH MY, I remembered spoolies,foam curlers, bob by pins, brush rollors. How could I have forgotten these. WOW cool

Foam curlers with a self snap on clip gave you all the curl you could ever want.

Breast Cancer Topic: Middle Aged Memories

Ogilvie, Toni, and Lilt...three of the top names in home permanents.

A 1966 vintage Toni Home Permanent advertisement

Getting a home permanent was one way to be glamorous...if not smelly from the setting lotion! Fortunately the aroma didn't last long! Mom gave us permanents up through high school.

  • Janice Fisher
    Janice Fisher

    Hated perms!

This type of haircurler was held in place with a carefully placed pik. We called them brush rollers...I believe they were available in the 60's and are still used by many women today.

Spoolies (mine were pink) were hair curlers! The funnel-shaped top was very flexible and held the hair on the roller against your head. It was even possible to sleep in these!

Spoolies?? TheGloss
  • Susan DuBe
    Susan DuBe

    Used them as glasses for my dolls!

  • Jill Jones
    Jill Jones

    What a blast from the past!

  • Ruth

    Loved my spoolies! :)

  • Olivia Cribbs
    Olivia Cribbs

    I haven't seen these in forever. Wish I had kept mine.

  • Barbara ArtripSerio
    Barbara ArtripSerio

    What fun these things were. Used them on my dolls

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I love scarves and was known for having many and wearing them well...circa 1980's...

Circle Pins were a fad in Jr. High days