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Toys, games, television, movies, etc. from the 50's when I grew up


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This cuckoo clock belonged to Grandpa Carter and hung in the living room near his recliner and smoke stand. It is still working order and is proudly displayed in my living room where its rhythmic ticking gives a cozy feel and the cuckoos keep us aware of the time.

  • Charlyn Parker
    Charlyn Parker

    Except when over-night company comes, they aren't use to the cuckoo clock and would ask if we could stop it for the night

  • Val McTee
    Val McTee

    I have one like that,hanging in the bedroom. I love it.

  • pamela norman
    pamela norman

    we had one when i was kid . like to have one now .

Report Cards came out every six weeks whether you liked it or not!

  • Margaret Huey
    Margaret Huey


  • Charlyn Parker
    Charlyn Parker

    I have my parents report cards that look just like these.

What a treat...eating cracker jacks and finding the prize inside!!!

  • Charlene Watkins
    Charlene Watkins

    Favorite snack of mine and I always put a box in each of the kids stockings!!

  • Terri Linehan
    Terri Linehan


  • Paulette Fournier
    Paulette Fournier

    This was always a treat, expensive today!

  • Wendy Strickland
    Wendy Strickland

    My best friend didn't like the peanuts and I LOVED them so she'd give me hers :)

  • Charlene Watkins
    Charlene Watkins

    Me too, I saved them all for last, xoxoxoxoxoxo

Mom used to have the bird glaases displayed in our kitchen window.

Our milk came in glass bottles with colorful foil lids...this is a vintage bottle from the Maplehurst Dairy, Indianapolis, Indiana. The cream was on the top and had to be shaken into the milk or could be removed for coffee or cooking purposes.

  • Diana Buskirk
    Diana Buskirk

    ours had card board lids, in winter the milk would freeze and the cream would push the lid up.Tasted great!

  • Charlyn Parker
    Charlyn Parker

    Ours also had hard card board lids

  • Elizabeth Bates
    Elizabeth Bates


  • Val McTee
    Val McTee

    I have a row of these sitting on the top of my refrigerator. Reminds me of my childhood. OUr milkman bought our milk in a wire rack and sat it on the porch.

A family friend, Ted Tucker, was our milkman for many years. He drove for Maplehurst Dairy out of Indianapolis. His wife,Dutch, was a half-sister to my aunt, Ella May Carter who lived a few doors down from us.

A galvanized, insulated milk box sat on our front porch for many years...our dairy was the Maplehurst Dairy, Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Miss Row-Ha
    Miss Row-Ha

    I so remember these as a child! My sister and I put our barbie dolls in one.

  • Miss Row-Ha
    Miss Row-Ha

    And, I remember Maplehurst Dairy too!

The milkman carried the glass bottles of milk in a wire basket such as this...the products were then put into the insulated milk box sitting on the porch. Our dairy was Maplehurst Dairy out of Indianapolis.

  • Peggy Spears
    Peggy Spears

    Good old days!!

  • Norma McQueen
    Norma McQueen

    My Dad milked the cows so our milk came staight from the barn, and was put into glass gallon jars with lids that screwed on to them.

  • Peggy Spears
    Peggy Spears

    Georgetta and Norma: I lived in the city until married and the milkman came to our house early in the morning. I can remember hearing the clip-clop of the horse and the rattlle of milk bottles. After married, moved to farm where my husband and family had milk cows.

  • Yolanda Visagie
    Yolanda Visagie

    Hahaha! Went to hubby's aunts farm and kids did not like the milk from the cow would not drink it! Shows how the young has changed?

  • Peggy Spears
    Peggy Spears

    A truck came to pick up our milk and carried it to Atlanta--about forty miles from where we lived. Long time ago but still have memories.

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Daddy and Mama

  • Shirley Gigax
    Shirley Gigax

    we all remember our mom and dad on the davenport for a happy picture. Good old days!

We were given an old upright piano and I used the John Thompson books for beginning students to learn to play a few songs, but never had lessons. The piano was in very bad disrepair and was later made into end tables!

  • Jennifer Locklear
    Jennifer Locklear

    I have an old upright in disrepair. I want to keep it in the family, but don't have the space. Can I see pics of the end tables?

  • Kathy Ludwig
    Kathy Ludwig

    We had one of these.

This was similar to the bassinette that newborns were placed in during their first few weeks in the family. The bed was often kept in the parent's bedroom; once this was outgrown the infant went into a crib of its own.

  • Norma McQueen
    Norma McQueen

    My nephew was born when I was 8 years old and he had a bassinet like this one.

  • Charlene Watkins
    Charlene Watkins

    I had two of these for my daughter, one just like this one and the other had a hood. I really loved them!!

When Dad, Mom, and I moved into our new house on Paddock Road, it had no electricity...we used kerosene lamps. There was also no glass in the windows and they were covered over with tar paper. 1948

Book Review [FRUGAL 1]
  • Charlene Watkins
    Charlene Watkins

    Have one just like the one on the right!!

  • Pearl D.
    Pearl D.

    We had no electricity when I was born (80 years ago!), so I was born "by the light of one of these lamps", which I still proudly have!

  • Charlene Watkins
    Charlene Watkins

    Nice story and am so happy for you, My Grandmother's Name was Pearl Easter Davis!!She's been gone along time . xoxo

  • Elizabeth Bates
    Elizabeth Bates is so neat to still have the lamps that were used when you were born. I hope you have someone you love that you can pass it on too

  • Charlene Watkins
    Charlene Watkins

    This is my 18 year old Lhasa Apso just in case anyone wondered!!xoxoxoxo

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Fels Neptha Soap...for use in the laundry...Mama used this brand, too!

  • Kathy Vos
    Kathy Vos

    I still use Fels Naptha !

  • Stacy Nathan Welton
    Stacy Nathan Welton

    great for poison ivy

  • Kathleen Chojnowski
    Kathleen Chojnowski

    I have a bar too and use off and on.

Mama used this popular laundry product...

  • Charlyn Parker
    Charlyn Parker

    I also still use this product

  • Val McTee
    Val McTee

    I use it too, but I made bath salts and that is one of the ingredients. My mother used Borax in her washing machine.

  • Lilly Miller
    Lilly Miller

    I still use it too. Works great on grass and dirt stains on baseball pants.

  • Teresa Zeno
    Teresa Zeno

    This can be sprinkled into carpet to kill fleas, a natural old home remedy.

  • Deborah Rickel
    Deborah Rickel

    Mix with powdered sugar to kill ants

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You'll wonder where the yellow went....... When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!

  • Holly Steese
    Holly Steese

    lol, I had planned to type in the same little jingle if I could find a picture of it.

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha - Get the New Ipana, Brusha, Brusha, Brusha - It's Dandy for your teeth!

nonamedufus: August 2010

Chinese Checkers...our set was like this one...a metal board with indentations for the marbles which were used as "men" for each player.

Do You Remember - Yesterday, back by popular demand.
  • Nila Gates
    Nila Gates

    We have a newer, wooden version of this game!

  • Cheryl Acup
    Cheryl Acup

    I have the metal one just like that.

  • Miss Row-Ha
    Miss Row-Ha

    I do too!

Although we lived in the same house for all of our growing up years, our address DID change from RR #1, Camby to RR#2, Box 79, Camby, and eventually to the Paddock Road address of today (2011).

The school cafeteria...those cooks did their best and kids still complained...I don't recall ever having fried chicken or corn on the cob though!

  • Lilly Miller
    Lilly Miller

    I had the best cafteteria food ever until the government started supplying the food. We had Italian ladies cooking for us. Yummm!

  • Miss Row-Ha
    Miss Row-Ha

    Good food back then, glass milk bottles, and rice and cinnamon too.

Grandma Carter's Dishes Charm Pattern in Azurite by Fire King...they were square!

Our Day Our Journey: Fire King Charm Azur-ite
  • Deb Greene
    Deb Greene

    I've put together a set for our lovely Paige.

Grandma Carter had a set of dishes like this. This is azurite in the "Charm" pattern by Fire King. They were almost opalescent...

Poodles were a fad in the 50's...poodle skirts, and everything else imaginable. Of course, pink and grey were THE "in" colors!

  • Cindy Snider
    Cindy Snider

    thanks for posting this! brings back memories!

Wood plane...a staple in the carpenter's toolbox

  • Ingeborg Goud
    Ingeborg Goud

    Grandpa's WoodPlane .. A Swedish Carpenter

  • Yolanda Visagie
    Yolanda Visagie

    Hubby is also a carpenter by trade and have a couple of these old old ones ;-)

  • Ingeborg Goud
    Ingeborg Goud

    Their hands were like magic... to be able to make the beautiful tables and furniture was such a marvel to watch

Our boys had a "cobblers bench" similar to this...great for hand-eye coordination!

  • Norma McQueen
    Norma McQueen

    We had this toy too

  • Carol-Ann Wodehouse
    Carol-Ann Wodehouse

    I had this toy when I was a child or my brother one of us lol very cool

  • Beverly Lloyd
    Beverly Lloyd

    i still have the one we had as kids My sons played with it & their children also

  • Pat

    My son had one - and regularly hit himself in the head with the mallet with his enthusiasm!

Mama's pyrex mixing bowls.

  • Yolanda Visagie
    Yolanda Visagie

    I also still have my mother in laws green one ;-)

  • Sherry Page
    Sherry Page

    I actually have some.

  • Keli Jones
    Keli Jones

    I still have the yellow one, unfortunately the others have gotten broken through the years. They belonged to my grandmother.

  • Marilyn Ballance
    Marilyn Ballance

    I still have all but the red one

  • Diane Smalley
    Diane Smalley

    I still have the whole set.

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