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Ingells Wilder

Laura Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Prairie Obsession

House Obsession

House Fan

House Big

Laura Engalls

Real Laura

Laura Ingalls Wilder with Neta V. Seal, her closest friend as an adult. Neta cared for Laura at the end of her life and was later sought out by Little House fans who wanted to learn more about her.

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Retro Clocks

Old Clocks

Cuckoo Clocks

Clock Daddy

Clock Grandma

One Back

The One

Smoke Stand

Brother Laughed

This cuckoo clock belonged to Grandpa Carter and hung in the living room near his recliner and smoke stand. It is still working order and is proudly displayed in my living room where its rhythmic ticking gives a cozy feel and the cuckoos keep us aware of the time.

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School Report Card

Report Cards

Cards Parents

Elem School

Old School

Actual Cards

Card Time

Bed Early

60S Early

Report Cards came out every six weeks whether you liked it or not!

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Shirley Carter Liechty

Jacks Remember

Remember When

Inside Remember


Jack Prizes

Prize Inside

Jack O'Connell

Time Favorite

Favorite Prize

What a treat...eating cracker jacks and finding the prize inside!!!

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Vintage Bird Drinking Glasses, Anchor Hocking, Set of 7

Bird Drinking

Drinking Glasses

Bird Glasses

Glasses Anchor

Mama S Kitchen

Identical Set

Set Mom

Vintage Bird

Kitchen Windows

Mom used to have the bird glaases displayed in our kitchen window.

Vintage Bird Drinking Glasses, Anchor Hocking, Set of 7

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Maplehurst dairy embossed quart milk bottle a+

70 Vintage

Vintage Photos

Vintage Things

50'S Memories

Wonderful Memories

Bottle Madness

Maplehurst Dairy

Colorful Foil

Foil Lids

Our milk came in glass bottles with colorful foil lids...this is a vintage bottle from the Maplehurst Dairy, Indianapolis, Indiana. The cream was on the top and had to be shaken into the milk or could be removed for coffee or cooking purposes.


Half Sister

Sisters Brother

Maplehurst Dairy

Friend Ted

800 563

Aunt Ella

Wonderful Sisters

Mama'S Kitchen


A family friend, Ted Tucker, was our milkman for many years. He drove for Maplehurst Dairy out of Indianapolis. His wife,Dutch, was a half-sister to my aunt, Ella May Carter who lived a few doors down from us.

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Shirley Carter Liechty

Boomers Rule

Baby Boomers

Milk Card

Maplehurst Dairy

Charlton Ma

Insulated Milk

Worth Reliving

Days Mom

Worcester Ma

A galvanized, insulated milk box sat on our front porch for many years...our dairy was the Maplehurst Dairy, Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Cream Bottles

Glass Milk Bottles

Milkman Delivered

Delivered Milk

Back Porches

The Porch

1969 Board

Board 1

50'S Memories

The milkman carried the glass bottles of milk in a wire basket such as this...the products were then put into the insulated milk box sitting on the porch. Our dairy was Maplehurst Dairy out of Indianapolis.

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1960 S 50 S


50 S Memories





Vintage Photos


Daddy and Mama

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Thompson Books

John Thompson

Play Piano

The Piano

Memories Growing

Fond Memories

Childhood Memories

Mom Dad


We were given an old upright piano and I used the John Thompson books for beginning students to learn to play a few songs, but never had lessons. The piano was in very bad disrepair and was later made into end tables!

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Shirley Carter Liechty

Mom Aunt

My Grandmother


My Mom

Parent'S Bedroom


Vintage Day'S

Vintage Items

Childhood 2

This was similar to the bassinette that newborns were placed in during their first few weeks in the family. The bed was often kept in the parent's bedroom; once this was outgrown the infant went into a crib of its own.

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Shirley Carter Liechty

Dad Mom

Hurricane Oil

Tar Paper

Swartz Creek


Coal Oil

It'S 2015

The Window

Kerosene Lanterns

When Dad, Mom, and I moved into our new house on Paddock Road, it had no electricity...we used kerosene lamps. There was also no glass in the windows and they were covered over with tar paper. 1948

Book Review [FRUGAL 1]

Stains Fels

Stains Wash

Oily Stains

Remove Stains

Remove Greasy

Greasy Oily

Laundry Stuff

Laundry Products

Laundry Mama

Fels Neptha Soap...for use in the laundry...Mama used this brand, too!

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Borax Ant Killers

Weed Killers

Insect Killers

Borax Ants

Cockroaches Borax

2T Borax

Borax Can'T

Borax Toxic

Borax Safe

Mama used this popular laundry product...

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Marvelous Memories

Precious Memories

Childhood 60'S

Childhood Flashbacks

Pepsodent Remember

Metal Tooth

You Ll Wonder

Bygone Commercials

Pepsodent Toothpaste

You'll wonder where the yellow went....... When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!

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Shirley Carter Liechty

Beaver Ipana

Bucky Beaver

Beaver Life

Toothpaste 1950S

Flavored Toothpaste

Toothpaste Bucky

Tv Movies Broadway

Vintage Things

Vintage Ads

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha - Get the New Ipana, Brusha, Brusha, Brusha - It's Dandy for your teeth!

nonamedufus: August 2010

Checkers Played

Checkers Loved

Checkers Game

Spent Playing

Fun Playing

Remember Playing

Hey Remember

Played Alot

Played Hours

Chinese Checkers...our set was like this one...a metal board with indentations for the marbles which were used as "men" for each player.

Do You Remember - Yesterday, back by popular demand.

Rural Mailbox

Old Mailbox

Country Time

Country Itis

Countryside Scenery

Mailboxes You Ve

Country Mailboxes

Country Dreaming

Country Lifestyle

Although we lived in the same house for all of our growing up years, our address DID change from RR #1, Camby to RR#2, Box 79, Camby, and eventually to the Paddock Road address of today (2011).

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Shirley Carter Liechty

Kid Meals

School Lunches

School Trays

Foods School

School Desserts

School Cafeteria Recipes

Daycare Meals

Kid Food

Food Network/Trisha

The school cafeteria...those cooks did their best and kids still complained...I don't recall ever having fried chicken or corn on the cob though!

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Fireking Jadeite

Dishware Jadeite

Vintage Fireking


Vintage Kitchenware

Vintage Dishes

King Square

Square Cup

Blue Square

Grandma Carter's Dishes Charm Pattern in Azurite by Fire King...they were square!

Our Day Our Journey: Fire King Charm Azur-ite

Grandma Carter

Charm Pattern

Antiques Remember



Fire King

Memory Lane

Vintage Antiques


Grandma Carter had a set of dishes like this. This is azurite in the "Charm" pattern by Fire King. They were almost opalescent...

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Poodle Piggy

Poodle Dog S

Poodle Oui

Poodle Power

1950 Poodles

Poodles Vintage

Pink Poodles

French Poodles

Things Poodle

Poodles were a fad in the 50's...poodle skirts, and everything else imaginable. Of course, pink and grey were THE "in" colors!

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Shirley Carter Liechty

Tools Phones

Furniture Tools

1 Wood

Carpenter S

7 2013

Wood Plane

Sale Sale


The Carpenters

Wood plane...a staple in the carpenter's toolbox

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Remember Remember

Remember Playing

Loved Playing

Jenn Loved

Kids Loved

Required Toys

Batteries Required

Daughter Grown

My Son

Our boys had a "cobblers bench" similar to this...great for hand-eye coordination!

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Shirley Carter Liechty