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Bells of Sarna

The Bells of Sarna are fascinating works of craftsmanship imported from India collected by people across the world. My father began the journey of bringing these bells from India to American in the 1920s and continued the tradition until the 1970s. You can still find these bells today on the backs of shop doors, in curio cabinets, and in homes across the globe. My mother partnered with my father to design the bells and also sold fashion, jewelry, and decorative accessories.

Bells of Sarna

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"People commonly misunderstand #Self-realization to mean the development of their human personality to its highest potential. But Self-realization is a soul-potential, not a human one." —Paramhansa #Yogananda #selfrealization

Paramhansa Yogananda

In the studio making my own Bells of Sarna ringtone! #fun #oldandnew

  • Amber Rahn
    Amber Rahn

    Amazing what you can find on the internet about a windchime you've kept since you were a child!

  • Jennifer Girod
    Jennifer Girod

    is there a listing of the names, or history of the sarna bells? I found a bunch in my Grandmothers bell collection!

  • Willow

    In '69, at a festival, I met a lovely woman who wore some bells dangling from her waist. She told me they were Bells of Sarna. One day several months later I heard those same bells and looked around and there she was!.I said I knew you were here when I heard those bells! She took them off and handed them to me and said.."to remember me by" and I have never forgotten her. They are hanging on my wall to this day. So happy to have found your site. Namaste'

  • Jennifer Schuetz
    Jennifer Schuetz

    My late grandmother collected Bells of Sarna and inspired me to have a bell collection as a child. Over the years I've only held onto my Bells of Sarna - I love them, they will always be reminders of my grandmother and her influence in nurturing my early curiosity of cultures all over world! I am also happy to find this board :)

  • Shivan Sarna
    Shivan Sarna

    Hi! I just am seeing these comments now. They warm my heart. My parents would be so happy that the Bells of Sarna have brought you joy!

Anna Griffin, Inc. Here is a photo of Anna's Mom with Sarna Bells on her Dad's desk. I love these unexpected sightings. Love this real shot of everyday. #loveannagriffin

Paramahansa Yogananda

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Vintage 1920s Coat SS SARNA Wool Chain Embroidery Medium bust 38

villa sarna, bali

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Buddha in Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida

Selby Gardens, Sarasota, FL, by PJ Brown

  • emma harrell
    emma harrell

    Beautiful Picture.

Selby Gardens (© 2013 Susan Ashley Michael)

Selby Gardens

pine cone and rusty jingle bell wreath

Free holiday chalkboard printable - Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings

New Year's Day solution with Bells of Sarna to ring the year in at midnight. Very Funny - considering the photo is over 50 years old

Love the use of the Bells of Sarna in this 50's photo

Dig the furniture

Bells of Sarna for your outdoor living

A favorite place for Bells of Sarna are always by a door. Coming and going! Plus an old school security system!

Looks like Bali and a Tiki hut combined with Bells of Sarna ringing in the happy hour

Bells of Sarna off the side of a book shelf

Some cool photos of home decor ideas with Bells of Sarna - check out the 50's furniture

some creative ways to decorate with bells - ring in cheer!