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Miso Mushroom Bowl – Green&Spice

Jump to recipe Look at me.. going to from not eating mushrooms to sharing two mushroom recipes in one week:P Hello everyone;) Hope you have been having a great week. I, for one was really enjoying the snow until I fell sick and had to stay in bed. This also meant that my motivation to…

Vegan creamy pasta

Jump to recipe Did I ever tell you that I didn't eat mushrooms for the longest time cause I thought they looked like meat? Yeap..that is 100 % true. One fine day, my husband and I were invited to dinner by our lovely friends, and we let them know that we had a few food…

Best ever veggie broth

Better than store bought! Jump to recipe How many times have you bought bouillon veggie cubes and found them to be severely lacking in taste, not to mention the unappetizing smell? I have gone through this so many times that I started googling alternatives. To my surprise I learnt that making your own veggie broth…

2 ways to Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Jump to recipe Luscious, creamy, indulgent and healthy.. hang on.. wondering how these words can be used to describe the same dessert? Wonder no more, the chocolate avocado mousse is all that and more. It's the perfect last minute Valentine dessert, guaranteed to be the highlight of the evening. Well, I say last minute, but…

Valentine almond cookies ❤️

Luscious creamy cheesecake

Vegan lemon cheesecake

Luscious creamy cheesecake

  Masala Khichdi, One Pot, Spices, Green, Spice

One pot Masala Khichdi

Jump to recipe Okay, I have to admit, I never thought I would ever end up starting a food blog AND writing about khichdi 😜 The humble khichdi was never high in my food wish list, or my comfort food list.. or any list for that matter. Khichdi to me was sick food, when we…

  2 Ingredients, Mousse, Spices, Pudding, Chocolate, Breakfast, Green, Desserts, Instagram

Two ingredient quick chocolate mousse

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Clean&Green weeknight bowl

Jump to recipe Hello Hello, it's another Wednesday, and yet another day to wonder about what you ll cook today. THIS is your answer - the clean and green weeknight bowl, filled with delicious roasted vegetables, pan seared garlic tofu, and a creamy peanut satay. What can I say about this bowl? This recipe was…

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Wheat CrackersGluten Free FlourFresh Guacamole

Gluten free crispy crackers

Jump to recipe Chips and crackers are my weakness, I can eat a whole bag in one go 🙈 Knowing how unhealthy that can be, I needed to find alternatives. Alternatives that I could make at home and control what goes into my body, and thus be able to snack guilt free! I tried a…

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Comforting tomato rasam

Jump to recipe The word Rasam evokes memories of my birthday, when my mother made my favorite meal - Soupy Rasam rice, poriyal and chutney. Rasam was like a blanket, warm and comfortable. We had it with our meals, drank it when we had runny noses, even slurped it at weddings :-D I am the…

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Fudgy Date 🌰 brownies

Jump to recipe Hello Everyone:) How are you all! We are 1 week into 2021 already and I have SO much planned for you all, starting off with Plant Based January/Veganuary :) I have been vegetarian all my life and a few years ago I realized that most of my meals (barring yoghurt, ghee and…

Açai bowl for your breakfast, link on blog Love Food, Acai Bowl, Spices, Cooking, Breakfast, Link, Amazing, Green, Blog

Amazing Açaí Bowl

Açai bowl for your breakfast, link on blog

  Taco Tuesday, Avocado Toast, Tacos, Spices, Mexican, Breakfast, Ethnic Recipes, Green, Food

Taco Tuesday 🌮

Healthy snack for when the munchies strike Healthy Foods To Eat, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Eating, Healthy Recipes, Eating Habits, Chana Masala, Sprouts, Spices, Health Fitness
Healthy EatingHealthy RecipesEating HabitsSpicesHealth Fitness

Snackable masala sprouts 🌱

Healthy snack for when the munchies strike

Yummy pesto, roasted cauliflower and lemon zest makes this a regular weeknight pasta 😍 Pesto Pasta, Roasted Cauliflower, Spices, Lemon, Meals, Dishes, Vegetables, Green, Recipes

Cauli pesto pasta

Yummy pesto, roasted cauliflower and lemon zest makes this a regular weeknight pasta 😍