5 Art Appreciation lessons for summer learning #summerfun #oamc

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What a great idea for conferences~! This teacher makes a board of some handouts perfect for practicing at home, because so many times the parents want to help but aren't sure how (or don't have the materials). Brilliant!

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Art Supply Finds: 30+ Art Supplies From the Hardware Store (and cool stuff to make with ‘em) | BABBLE DABBLE DO #artsupplies #kidsart #artforkids

Art Supply Finds


Artist Poster for Elementary Grades

Artist Poster [someone who]


Free Printable Color Labels

Crayon Organization & Color Labels Printable - My Joy-Filled Life


How to Make a PVC Easel- I need these for my classroom!

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24-7 Teacher: Classroom Procedures - Know What They are Before you Start the Year

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Genius! One of my biggest aha's after teaching awhile. My WARM, COOL AND NEUTRAL paper scrap boxes. So we have a rule about these boxes!! It MUST be a square or rectangle to go back in...no messy cut papers. We simply cut away the messy edge and reuse the paper. I really have very little paper waste. I review this and they really get it!! They stay so nice and clean :) ahh

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10 Questions to Ask your Child about their Artwork. I love this list as a handy reference to get more than just one word answers from my child.

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Draw The Line At: pinterest and lesson planning

Draw The Line At: pinterest and lesson planning


Transition To Choice Based Art Education (excellent blog)

Transition To Choice Based Art Education


art room storage

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color wheel table

There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Color Wheel Table


Classroom Organization

all things katie marie: Classroom Organization


Spray paint baskets to match classroom theme. Valspar paint for plastic works great!!!!

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How to sharpen a colored pencil. This is life changing. Seriously. "On Prismacolor's website, they recommend "setting the pencils in a warm, sunny spot for a few minutes [which] can soften the wax-based colored pencils." Since the cores of Prismacolors are wax-based, the heat will soften the wax core and cause the broken pieces to fuse"

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Digication e-Portfolio :: Amillia Stembridge :: Classroom

Digication e-Portfolio :: Amillia Stembridge :: Classroom


Thomas Elementary Art blog. two scrap paper bins by color family. Kids must trim scrap paper into a rectangle before putting in the bin.

Thomas Elementary Art: A little reorganization!


Use t.p. rolls for organizing paper weaving strips

Draw The Line At: organizing weaving supplies


A Sample SLO for Art Teachers

A Sample SLO for Art Teachers | The Art of Ed


PVC Easel. Simple and portable. It also folds flat for easy storage! Just what I need for my classroom :)

PVC Pipe Tutorials | U Create


displaying student's work - laminated pieces of construction paper and clothes pins with thumb tacks hot glued to back

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Art Room Blog - great ideas and organization for independent students

Art Room Blog: 2013-2014 New school year classroom set up


The Organized Art Teacher: Tips for Storing Lesson Examples & Plans with Evernote

The Organized Art Teacher: Organizing and Storing Art Projects


Eggers Art Room Organization

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