#Green #Smoothies #Recipe Quick Green Smoothie Recipes for my 10 day smoothie cleanse

Quick Green Smoothie Recipes - Clean, Lean and Healthy


Drink Tea According to Your Ailments

Drink Tea According to Your Ailments | The Homestead Survival


Combined with bananas, kiwi, milk and honey, this Kale Smoothie is surprisingly delicious and SO good for you!

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Smoothie 101

Smoothie Recipes for Everything


10 Satisfying Smoothie Recipes and Ideas under 150 calories. Great for making in the dorms (if you have a blender) or in the dining hall!

10 Smoothie Ideas under 150 calories


54 Smoothie Recipes: Freeze & It's Ready To Blend When You Want It. Seriously, How Many Of You Have Great Intensions On Having A Healthy Morning Smoothie, & Then Give Up Because It Becomes To Cumbersome To Put Everything Together Early In The Morning. This Is A Smart Idea With Only An Hour Of Prep Time For Athies Spending $74.17 Which Comes Out To $1.30 ea. Smoothie). Cheaper & Healthier Than Buying Elsewhere. Click On Picture For Recipes... http://papasteves.com

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Diary of a Fit Mommy: Cleanse Your WHOLE Body With These Five Smoothies!

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A smoothie that's actually filling enough for breakfast or lunch! Strawberries, peanut butter, oats, and almond milk.

PB & Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie


Get your body on the right track! 3 Day Smoothie DETOX Cleanse and Salt Flush program.

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8 smoothie recipes your body will love.

Smoothie Recipes & Healthy Smoothie Recipes | Williams-Sonoma


How To Make 30 Different Kinds Of Shots http://www.buzzfeed.com/hnigatu/how-to-make-30-different-kinds-of-shots-in-one-handy-infogra

How To Make 30 Different Kinds Of Shots In One Handy Infographic


Rainbow Sangria | Gimme Some Oven


Smoothie Recipes For Everything

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Sparkling Moscato Peach Sangria. 2 to 3 white peaches, sliced (2 if they are large, 3 if they are small), 3/4 cup peach schnapps, 1 bottle moscato, such as 7 Daughters Moscato, chilled, 1 liter white peach seltzer water, such as Seagram's Sparkling White Peach Seltzer, chilled.

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White wine sangria with raspberries, kiwi, and lime.

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Pomosa - Pomegranate juice and champagne. Perfect for a Christmas Eve toast!

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Ingredients: 3 lemons sliced 1/2 cucumber A bunch of mint leaves (per gallon of water) Preparation: 1. Slice lemons and cucumbers, wash mint leaves and place in a gallon of water. 2. Let it sit over night in the fridge so the water can soak up all the flavors. Drink up and enjoy the next day! Tip: It adds a nice flavor to your water and can give you a flat belly! The lemon and water act as a natural detox that helps flush the impurities out of your system. Enjoy!

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I LOVE this stuff: Cheesecake Factory Raspberry Lemonade. But it costs so much at the restaurant. Here is a copycat recipe. So excited to try it.

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9 Keurig K-Cup coffee recipes for unique coffee drinks.

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Hula Dancer's Delight, and 101 other cocktails recipes.

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The name says it all. I need one of these.

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Liquid Skittles: mixed drinks, 6 oz. Malibu mango rum, 12 oz. strawberry daiquiri frozen mix, and 6 oz. gatorade lemon-lime.

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MOSCATO SPRITZER ~ 1/2 moscato, 1/2 orange and cranberry juice

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The Salty Chihuahua uses grapefruit, tequila and orange liqueur for a cocktail under 200 calories. OOOOHHH.

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S’mores Pudding Shots made with marshmallow vodka.

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