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55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you're busy

55 ways to take care of yourself when you are busy and stressed. These tips will be helpful when school starts back up! my-style

I feel like this is describing me perfectly. Other than the "she" part.

Penelope Cruz baby girl name revealed: Luna (moon

The "dark"side of the moon isn't dark at all. it is merely hidden from us. Learn to see what is hidden. But for me it's true, I'm always hiding something. And it is sometimes hard for me to say what I want.


I love my fantasy world! Luckily, my fantasy is pretty stinkin' close to my reality!

/I SO disagree with this! Anyone who has ever had to give up a career due to illness or other unforeseeable life- changing event, has had to struggle with this concept. You are MORE than a job. You're job does not define you.

Obvi all true

Funky astrology décor - wine glasses, rugs, bedding, and more relating to each astrological sign! Decorate a room with your astrology sign as the theme!


"Live a Quiet Life & Work with Your Hands" limited edition poster by Dana Tanamachi. of proceeds going to Restore NYC, n organization providing long-term aftercare for women who are survivors of sex trafficking in New York City.

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