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TV Sound System: Bose Solo : Shizzle Kicks

The Bose Solo TV Sound System has been designed to offer a vastly improved audio experience to that of the inbuilt TV speakers.

Pillow Remote Control : Shizzle Kicks

All hail the king of the coach! Master your fortress with this pillow remote! Seriously though, we had to wait until now for this to be a thing? Control your entertainment setup with this universal TV pillow remote.

Donky Bike: Urban Utility Vehicle

Running errands just got a whole lot easier with new Donky bike; Urban cargo bike does away with handlebar basket, offers creative approach to getting things around

Movember Moustache Guitar by Tom Fox

About the special Moustache Guitar created by experimental musical instrument craftsman Tom Fox to raise money for Movember!

Kyosho Space Ball : Shizzle Kicks

This flying ball will bounce off your walls all day long without needing new blades, it’s a remote controlled helicopter inside a cage. The Kyosho Space Ball

SRI EV1 Electric Off Road Racer : Shizzle Kicks

Video: EV buggy has 750 torques. And enough energy on board to power a house for a week.

Dragon Baby vs Stuffed Dragon : Shizzle Kicks

Director Patrick Boivin has made a Game of Death inspired short film, staring his son as Bruce Lee, up against a animated stuffed dragon.

The Bicymple with Swing Riding : Shizzle Kicks

Scalyfish Designs’ Bicymple is a Super-Compact, Chainless Bicycle That Can Travel Sideways Bicymple chainless compact bike – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

AK47 Mechanical Cufflinks

Fonderie 47 is helping to eradicate assault rifles from circulation in Africa. They destroy the weapons and form beautiful objects with the steel.

Le Whaf : Vaporized Drinks : Shizzle Kicks

le whaf by le laboratorie // le whaf gives you a poetic, low-calorie way to enjoy your favorite drink - by sipping it as a cloud!