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Disney Said They Won't Change A Thing, Thought We Wouldn't Notice

Disney Said They Won’t Change A Thing, Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

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18 Cats That Look Like Something Else

This is absolutely terrible but I can't stop laughing.

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LOL Trust a cat!

21 Photos Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Every Time

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAH!!! (I wonder how many people will get this.)

You're Just Not that Into Him

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics

Fun Claw - Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, Funny Animals: Funny Cats And Dogs - 22 Pics


Angry dog.

New LOL funny gallery (07:26:11 PM, Wednesday 22, April 2015 PDT) - 14 pics

Funniest thing ever! Literally laughed out loud!!!

Funny answers and comments from students

What would you do? I seriously just laughed out loud at this.

Your child is being eaten by a camel, do you...

Basically Twins

Basically Twins

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A Dog's Sense Of Smell

A Dog’s Sense Of Smell

No funning business here, people!! HILARIOUS!!!

10 Funny Flavor of the Month

You Don’t Say…

You Don't Say... - Bits and Pieces

Engineering Before And After

Engineering Before And After

97+ funny things to say to Siri... this could provide hours of entertainment!

97+ Funny things to say to Siri

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This made my day! I watched it so many times!

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 75 Pics

You Really Can't Un-See This

Really Can’t Un-See This One

Your Mind At Night! This is soooo me!!

Your Mind At Night

If You Ever Wonder What Happiness Looks Like

If You Ever Wonder What Happiness Looks Like

I almost died!

Happy 30th Birthday Prince William! (29 photos)