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The natural light from the sun thats cascading in between the trees creates really nice shadows on the bikers in the road. It highlights the leaves around and create an yellowish-orange on the road that gives you a sense of motivation and clarity

Bruges, Belgium rent bikes, the only way to see more fo Bruges. Very enjoyable cycling along the canal although the cobbled streets can be awkward with the volume of people but everyone is aware of cyclists - used my bell a few times :)

Enjoying life with her friends is a top priority. Sometimes work can strain her out, but she makes time with her friends so she can wind down, relieve stress, and have fun. A good balance between work and socializing.

Awesome. A long #vacation with #family worth a lot. #photography

Awesome. A long #vacation with #family worth a lot. #photography

I want to celebrate Midsummer in a park. I want to grow flowers and herbs and keep freshly-made iced tea in the fridge. I want to make raw cacao smoothies and get a tan. I want to play in the surf, have salt-kissed hair, and wear sunglasses all the time.

“Let the Summer Begin!” Quotes

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