Jellyfish lamps by Géraldine Gonzalez

Géraldine Gonzalez jelly fish lamps How cool! These would be great in a sea-themed kids room :)

jellyfish tattoo

Watercolor jellyfish tattoo with tentacles wrapped around the arm. love the idea of watercolor tattoos

Jellyfish Pool Lights $23

If I ever have a pool I'm totally going to get these! The Ocean Art Light-up Jellies from Swim Ways are eerily life-sized jellyfish decorations for swimming pools. Each light-up jellyfish has LEDs inside and glow as they float across the pool


Jellyfish is one of the most enigmatic and mystifying aquatic creatures found in the world. With this article, explore some interesting facts & amazing information on jellyfish.

Jellyfish Chandelier by PrimoGlass on Etsy,

Jellyfish Chandelier Custom Lighting Hand Blown by PrimoGlass