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Dexter: The Kill Room

A memorial to all of Dexter's murderous victims.

Dexter: The Kill Room

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Lance Robinson - Dexter S5

  • Justin Phillips
    Justin Phillips

    i comment on this one in hopes that whoever at shotime created this reads it. thank you for the best application of pinterest that i have seen yes

  • Betty C
    Betty C

    I second that. A fantastic board, true to the spirit of a real pinboard.

  • Srishti Rao
    Srishti Rao

    me too... patience...

  • Christina Hooper
    Christina Hooper

    Dexter's funniest kill

  • Tomasz Zawistowski
    Tomasz Zawistowski

Rankin - Dexter S5

  • Jane Graydon
    Jane Graydon

    very very satisfying

  • Chia Validi
    Chia Validi

    One of my favorites ever.

Dan Mendell - Dexter S5

Stan Liddy - Dexter S5

  • Randi Rutherford
    Randi Rutherford

    One of the most important rules-Don't Get Caught.


    eVERY one gets caught eventually.

  • Rebekah Head
    Rebekah Head

    ^ Unfortunately, not true.

  • Srishti Rao
    Srishti Rao

    he was very annoying..... good for him.. to end like dis.. cudnt hv been ny other way..



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Cole Harmon - Dexter S5

  • Sabrina Ellis
    Sabrina Ellis

    So sexy... soooo bad!

Boyd Fowler - Dexter S5

Jordan Chase - Dexter S5

  • Bridy

    I hadn't seen this guy since Train Spotting. He was great!

  • Len K
    Len K

    Hack the Planet!

  • Hannah Lindley
    Hannah Lindley

    Deserved it!!

  • Becky Lund & Associates
    Becky Lund & Associates


  • Roberta Vasquez
    Roberta Vasquez

    You see something you want? Take it!!

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Zoey Kruger - Dexter S4

  • Silvia Ceravolo
    Silvia Ceravolo

    She was scary, gosh a divorce is so expensive, and so messy, and kids are sooo inconvenient...

  • Isabel Capella
    Isabel Capella

    That hand is the first thing I'm going to cut ....

  • Peter Gardener
    Peter Gardener

    Pretty blonde with a dark heart...that felt the cold steel of Dexter's knife

  • elena runion
    elena runion

    FAVORITE EPISODE!!!!!!! loved when he killed her!

Benito Gomez - Dexter S4

Jonathan Farrow - Dexter S4

  • Morgan Walston
    Morgan Walston

    ah. the innocent one.

Stan Beaudry - Dexter S4

  • J Nelson
    J Nelson

    Why Mr. Beaudry, you've done me a kindness. Great episode.

  • Thais Marchese
    Thais Marchese

    Where's Trinity?

  • Anja G.G.
    Anja G.G.

    Exactly! Where is he?

  • MickandMyra Sargent
    MickandMyra Sargent

    Also, Where is Miquel, (Not sure of that spelling, but he was the guy who wanted to be Dexter's friend) and Brian Moser (Dexter's brother and the Ice truck killer)

Oscar Prado - Dexter S3

  • Kim Gerwitz
    Kim Gerwitz

    Where the hell is MIGUEL Prado?!?!?!?!?!

  • Sol Mary Colón-Vega
    Sol Mary Colón-Vega

    yeah where the heck is miguel prado??

  • Mella Photography
    Mella Photography

    I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • Jon Breen
    Jon Breen

    Oscar Prado wasn't a murderous person, Dexter killed him by mistake. Miguel on the other hand should be here.

  • Linda Trefts
    Linda Trefts

    where's that slimy Miguel?

Ethan Turner - Dexter S3

Nathan Marten - Dexter S3

George Washington King

  • Eslam Omar
    Eslam Omar

    he survived the mighty knife ;/ well deserved car crash tho :D

  • Rebecca Jean Bean
    Rebecca Jean Bean

    I absolutely love when you find out that King and Miguel are working together and King makes this appearance at the end of the season!

  • Eslam Omar
    Eslam Omar

    ^ I was gonna blame you for spoiling the episode but then I read my comment, I wasn't any better. LOL

  • Srishti Rao
    Srishti Rao

    skinny skinner...

Clemson Galt - Dexter S3

Fred Bowman - Dexter S3

Esteban Famosa - Dexter S2

Jimmy Sensio - Dexter S2

  • David Maruca
    David Maruca

    I thought he got away when Dexter was having trouble getting back to killing.

  • Jim carter
    Jim carter

    Dexter let him go

Ken Olson - Dexter S2

Santos Jimenez - Dexter S2

Roger Hicks - Dexter S2

Chino Gonzalez - Dexter S2

Jose Garza - Dexter S2

Teo Famosa - Dexter S2