Monsters are a Psychobaby's best friend! The furrier the better! Did we mention we are fans of googly eyes too? Kids love these crazy creatures and so do we!

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Omg! This is the most freaking cute kid's bday parties I have ever seen! It was monster themed and everything is adorable!!! From the blog The Homes I Have Made.

Personalized Three Eyed Monster T-Shirt | Cool for Halloween, or just an everyday kids monster tee :)

Personalized Big Mouth Monster Kids Hat Green available at

Personalized Big Mouth Monster Kids Hat available at

Googly-Eyed Monster Mini Cupcakes Are Bite-Sized Halloween Sweets -

Diy back to school : DIY Monster Bookmarks

Monster Face Hoodie Neon Blue $40 | Personalized Kids Hoodie

Monster Hoodie keeps your little monster warm! $40 | Personalized Hoodie

Monster Birthday Tee! $26. | Birthday Party Monster Tees

Beastly Boy Monster Name Tee. Monster Letters Rule!

It's a Monster Mash!

Matchbox Monsters! | Molly Moo | children's crafts, activities

monster birthday decoration ideas #birthday #monsters #fuzzy

Where the Wild Things Are - Lil Wild Thing in Costume.

Lil sleepy monster.

Monsters Inc. Cupcakes! Put that thing in my mouth or so help me!

Monster Wisdom. #wisewords #cookie #monster #muppet #funny

Sweetology: Bug-Eyed Monster Cupcakes!!

Lil' Monster Cupcakes, complete with Chocolate Googly Eyes!

Fur Balls & String Monster Cupcakes...yes, CUPCAKES! Scary Good.

Psychobaby Monster Alphabet Placemat Girls

The perfect way to commemorate your lil' monsters special day! | Psychobaby Beastly Babe Birthday Picture Frame

Even the most monstrous little lady deserves a cozy snuggle after suffering through yet another bath! | Psychobaby Beastly Babe Monster Hooded Towel

One side says "Wake Up" and the other side says "Go To Sleep" | Dream On Beastly Awake-Asleep Pillowcase Blue