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Oi pessoal! Meu nome é Dot :) Eu vou estar sempre atualizando nosso Pinterest com os pins mais bacanas dos assuntos que vocês mais gostam.
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Parque Nacional dos Lagos Plitvice da Croácia.

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia) ~ 'This Unesco World Heritage–listed park is made up of interlinked and cascading lakes, caves and forest. The colours of the lakes range from azure to green, blue and even grey.

A aurora boreal fotografada nas primeiras horas da manhã no Círculo Polar Ártico.

Credit: Antony Spencer/Getty Images The aurora borealis – Kiruna, Sweden When charged particles, which flow from the sun at kph, hit the Earth’s magnetic field at the planet’s poles, they create curtains of light. Solar storms heighten the effect

Bryce Canyon National Park em Utah (EUA)

Credit: Sarun Laowong/Getty Images Bryce Canyon national park – Utah, US The Wall Street Trail of Bryce Canyon has its own skyscrapers: ponderosa pines. Chasms in the rock are formed when water freezes and expands, creating alleys up to 60 metres deep

Culinária Mexicana =p

What do you call cheese that doesn't belong to you? For Mexican food that's far better than our Mexican gags, check out today's deal for a Mexican meal for 2 including a starter, main and tequila slammer each at Mexico, Derby.

docinhooooooos =p

🍭How to make a swirl lollipop! Melt your favorite hard candy in multiple colors. Jolly Ranchers work well, Add in bright gel food coloring and roll out clay like candy into a rope. Quickly form and heat hands as nessecary. Put a sewer in and serve!


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