Cher on stage 1970's. ☚ | wow | fashion | black & white | sparkle and shine | sequin jumpsuit |

Photo Cher, a famous singer and a fashion trender in She was loved by a lot of people during this period. In this picture , her beautiful black long hair , and the midfriff matching colour with the pan make her look so beautiful

Vogue Japan March 2016 Willow Hand by Emma Tempest

Willow Hand by Emma Tempest for Vogue Japan, April 2016 / Fashion Editor: Celia Azoulay / Hair: Karin Bigler / Makeup: Maxine Leonard Nails: Trish Lomax ”

Lotus Resort Wear Sarong's Suggest Summer Fashion/Event Looks from the WEB!

Swimwear Splendor: Suiting Up For the Great Escape

Summer performs onstage circa 1977.

Donna Summer: Photos of Her Wild Disco Fashions

"Hot Stuff" Donna Summer showing us how it's done style She was awesome RIP Ms Summer =)

wandering songstress

wandering songstress


Jimi Hendrix photographed for the insert poster for the album “Electric Ladyland" by Donald Silverstein, 1968


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