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Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome | Radiology Reference Article |

Uterine artery Doppler showing high resistance flow and low resistance flow in a routine anomaly scan.


Antenatal Sonography and Colour Doppler


Ultrasonography of adnexal masses: imaging findings

WK 5 L 2 TUBAL PATHOLOGY Pyosalpinx | Radiology Reference Article |


Pyosalpinx | Radiology Reference Article |

laparoscopic ovarian dermoid cystectomy

Example of anteverted ut Postmenopausal Dilemmas: The Role of Ultrasound


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(A, B). Hydrosalpinx is usually easily diagnosed as well-constrained fluid accumulation in the adnexae. In some cases, adhesions between the oviduct and ovary may be visualized.


Transvaginal ultrasonography and female infertility

Ultrasonography of adnexal masses: imaging findings