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Hhaha why am I laughing so hard?

So funny. Her face and the fact that she is in a banana suit holding a banana.

really relatable until i read the one bit about anxiety.. i did this even when i was like 10 good heavens

Yes. *Thinks back to first existential crisis* Ah, good times.<<<Omg I really thought I was the only one<<<<<< well, my mom did think I had minor anxiety

Tumblr Gets Deep. The one about the dads is the reason this gets a pin. Too funny. (Mix Feelings Meme)

I laughed so hard at this! Especially the one about Finding Nemo.

This looks incredibly fun!

GIF evgenia obraztsova and David Hallberg in the pas de deux of Onegin

50 New Sexy Halloween Costumes Ideas to Look Unique

Character: Tinker Bell / From: Walt Disney Animation Studios 'Peter Pan' / Cosplayer: Laurence (aka clefchan aka Clef's Atelier, La Petite Feuille)