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épinglé par ❃❀CM❁✿⊱Volcanic Lightening in and around the eruption in progress. It is often visible like this in pyroclastic clouds.

I'm not good at thinking up captions but I thought I'd share this beautiful picture of God's creation....

The Holy Hole - Madeira Island, Portugal - photo - NATURE - sky - clouds - ocean - sunlight - earth

Fire Tornado, California. FIRE TORNADO?!?!? FIRE. TORNADO. FIRE TORNADO. WOAH. I LOVE NATURE. ZIt knows what's up.

Fire Tornado --- California Wildfires 2003 = Many firefighters were killed when the fire suddenly changed direction trapping them with no way out.

Lightening Swirl London, UK / B.

Spectacular cloud swirl and lightning bolt in London. Photo by Chris Rathore.

Swirling Storm, Nebraska  photo via jackie

Famous photographer and storm chaser Ryan McGinnis captured these stunning pictures of an arcus cloud that rolled just north of Kearney, Nebraska, on August This sweet storm's amazing appearance is the result of.

Fire tornado. These are so rare, and awesome to see!

Fire tornado saw an old building in Buffalo burn so hot it created a fire spout.

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The storm was ferocious. Lightning struck nearly every apartment building and turned the dark chain link fence into a glowing mass of melted metal.