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    Memes and funny things

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    Dear Periods... So true! I may have tubes tied, but there is still that fear that God might decide we need a third!

    Dear periods... - The Meta Picture

    #harry potter | Draco Malfoy I always laugh when I read those lines!

    Draco did it before it was cool…

    Who needs good grades

    Who needs good grades?

    hahaha I hope you get the reference and laugh as much as I did. Although I liked reading twilight, Harry Potter wins a trajillion times over in my book.

    Seriously owned…

    awesome funny Facebook girls notifications

    Girls on Facebook…

    A cute cat waking up! I can watch this a million times and I will still think its the cutest thing in the world!

    Every day when I wake up…

    An internal battle. Oh my gosh I seriously started to cry.

    It’s going to be OK…

    Can I get one that says "I love you both" ?Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth: Toms, Chris Hemsworth, Chrishemsworth, Loki, Tomhiddleston, Funny, Tom Hiddleston, Shirt, Superhero

    This was expected…

    Funny True Love Quotes - Meet some body to love! Go here -

    True that - The Meta Picture

    Friend swallowed a bottle cap… ➨ funny blog [via... - funny pictures

    I swallowed a bottle cap…

    Life continues… My heart just blew up and then the remaining bits melted to puddles of tears.

    Life continues…

    "I only buy Kraken Rum so I can yell "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" right before opening the bottle." @JBlink75

    I only buy Kraken Rum…

    not saying i'm gay or support gays or anything.. but A.) funny. B.)made oreo balls today, waycooler if they'd been rainbow.. and C.)they should legit make rainbow oreos... ilove rainbows. although not 6stuffed oreos.. like a rainbow swirl

    Rainbow Oreos - The Meta Picture

    This has to be one of the most adorable pictures I've ever seen! I can't even handle it: Animals, Dogs, Sweet, Pitbull, Pet, Pit Bull, Puppy, Baby, Friend

    Family trips can be exhausting…

    Does the 3 week diet really work?...Find out for yourself

    Mind blowing possibility

    Happiness IS a warm butt... oh come on, we are the same. How about those seat warmers in your car? I know that they make ME happy. Simple pleasures in life

    Real happiness - The Meta Picture

    MATH GUSTA! How much time and what graphs did he use to achieve this...

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    Does it count

    Does it count? - The Meta Picture

    T-rex Hat. Poor t-rex. All he's trying to do is be fashionable.

    Everytime I’m sad…

    OMG!! That's just like my man's dog!!! >.< 50 Funny Pictures - Inappropriate kitty

    Don’t stop human

    War has NEVER Solved Anything except for ending Slavery, Fascism, Nazism and Communism.

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    hahaha, so true. Funny thing is, i'm at school on lunch, eating fries, one by one as i read this.

    How I eat my fries…


    Troll in the dungeon!

    These Adorable Baby Animals are Trying to Look Scary and Threatening, but Actually They Are Not very Good at Them

    Rawrrr... - The Meta Picture

    Please Write Legibly - Sanitaryum | CLEAN HUMOR | Clean Funny Pictures, Videos & GIFS

    Complaint form - The Meta Picture