11 RMS, London, 2011 #interiors #design #stair

nice way to separate sleep area from living area in a small apartment

Closet turned into computer nook... wow! You could do a reading nook with shelves too!

extra closet turned into a reading nook

craftsman style room divider columns added to DIY living room renovation. | Jenallyson - The Project Girl - Fun Easy Craft Projects including Home Improvement and Decorating - For Women and Moms

I love the idea of a short bookshelf to divide a room without closing it in. Plus, it gives you some display space on top! Great use of space!

Paint sheer drapery fabric for beautiful room decor or divider! #joann

cool corner frames

so smart

How to tile a backsplash. Someday this will come in handy.

how to build a tilt out trash can for the kitchen. So much prettier than a regular trash can!

DIY laundry room drying rack

How to add wood wall treatments...

Put a shelf over a window and use the shelf brackets to hold a curtain rod- genius and beautiful AND gives a completely finished off look

tree shelf, could be aged up for tree loving adults too

spool coffee table/bookshelf

Lace Curtains as Screen Covers. What a great idea!

An old screen door for your pantry.

4'x8' foam insulation boards from Home Depot covered in damask fabric = gorgeous DIY upholstered wall hangings. Clever!

Individualized "Junk baskets". When you find someone's junk lying around the house, you put it in their individual baskets and then they have to empty it by the end of the night.


Tiny kitchen pantry

Love this!

Gallery Wall - fewer holes to drill in the wall....easy to move frames around.

tips on how to make your own wood signs.