The Zacatón Sinkhole

Cenote Zacaton~Is near the northeastern part of Mexico and is the deepest water-filled sink hole in the world. The bottom is found at below surface

Sima Humboldt and Sima Martel, Venezuela

At the summit of a dense forested plateau in Venezuela is the world's largest sandstone sinkhole, Sima Humboldt, which drops feet m) . Its neighbor, Sima Martel, is another impressive sinkhole.

10 things to do in Oman | Luxury Hotels Travel+Style

The beautiful limestone Bimmah sinkhole in Oman boasts the kind of clear waters and towering cliffs normally seen on holiday postcards.

Crveno Jezero sinkhole

Crveno Jezero sinkhole in Croatia. Explored depth is 530 m, what makes it the third deepest in the world!

Ten Marvelous Sinkholes in the World

Cave of Swallows, Sótano de las Golondrinas in Spanish, is an open air cave in the Municipaity of Aquismon, San Louis Potosi, Mexico

Kilsby's Sinkhole, Mt Gambier

Kilsby's Sinkhole, Mt Gambier

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